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As gentlemen, we should “be prepared” for some situations, good or bad. Here we list ten items that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe, from occasional to frequent-usage; nothing too unusual.

A well fitted suit:

One good suit should be ready at all times – no excuses. So if you wear suits frequently, you want 1 particular suit in your closet that’s only taken out for “emergency situations.” Narrow down your color options to medium gray, black, and navy. Also remember to go avoid patterns.

Chelsea Boots

Understated, chic and as easy to wear with smarter looks as they are with jeans, a good pair of Chelsea boots is a year round essential. And, even better, no more laces.

Tan Derbies

Brilliant with navy and just as good with grey, a pair of tan derbies works as well with denim as it will with more traditional tailoring.

A few Dress shirts:

No explanation needed here. Around 3 dress shirts will do, and you want to keep them simple.

A few casual shirts:

about 3 casual shirts in total, simple in color and pattern. Polo shirts are a good example of these.

Linen Handkerchiefs

Yes, you may use them as pocket squares, too, but its primary utility is blowing your nose, cleaning your glasses or maybe wiping a surface. Linen lasts a lifetime, and real Irish linen handkerchiefs may be passed from father to son through generations

A watch

Watches are a way of showing class, responsibility – Yes, we have our smartphones and office clocks to tell the time. But that’s not why guys need a dress watch. You probably don’t need to look at your watch that often, but it’s always there as a highlight to your sense of style.

The Everyday Bag

Modern times call for a bag that can go anywhere and do anything its carrier can. Something that’s solid but good looking.

A belt and a pair of suspenders:

You want your belt to be made from quality leather from the inside and out and ideally, you should always match the colour of your belt to your shoes. Suspenders definitely have their place especially the ones that you button in especially for evening wear. Suspenders hang from your shoulders and so no matter how much you eat you can always have a comfortable pair of pants all day.

A Pair of Jeans and Sneakers

There’s nothing betterthan a great pair of jeans. Get a sturdy pair in dark blue—there’s literally nothing they won’t go well with. Now that Casual Friday has invaded the other four days of the workweek, a pair of good sneakers can be worn with anything from a full suit to jeans and a tee.

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