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Over the years we’ve been able to come up with various definitions of a gentleman. At first it was how honorable, courageous, generous and polite the man was, but we all know a well mannered man doesn’t need to be reminded of these things. A gentleman is obviously more than all of these.A true gentleman is the creator and master of his own destiny. He is constantly aware that no matter how unfair a situation may be, he knows he was built for success so he goes for that, He takes charge and changes the situation first from within.

Gentleman qualities never go out of style and they bring alongside respect and admiration of others. if you want to reap these juicy dividends, kindly explore the qualities below.

Be the best version of yourself:

No one man is perfect. Knowing our weakest points, Strongest points and working on them brings us closer to perfection. A Gentleman knows this and is constantly working on himself. The moment you can identify your limits and keep improving on them, you become one step closer to the best version of yourself.

Have good Hygiene:

This right here isn’t really optional. First you need to identify the type of body you have. Some have oily skin, some sweat a lot, some have very sensitive skin. Good hygiene advice differs depending on body type. Having regular baths, changing sheets and underwear regularly, using deodorants, frequent hand washing and more are good hygiene tips that don’t just keep your body fresh and clean but also boosts your confidence.


Being on time matters a lot. In fact its seen as disrespect in some gatherings to arrive late. Would you say its common practice or has it become part of our culture in this part of the world where lateness is even known as “Nigerian Timing”? well being late is never attractive and certainly not a Gentleman trait. Try to have proper timing of tasks, always leave on time and be prepared to wait if you arrive too early.

Have a good sense of style:

A gentleman knows looking good is important for his confidence and reception from others around him. Even without breaking the bank, You first identify your personal style and then own it. You should always feel comfortable in your outfit and also pay close attention to details and the fit.


A simple greeting to people, consciously saying please and thank you appropriately, using appropriate language and more is all it takes. The perfect gentleman is aware that no matter how bad his day might have been or what he’s presently going through, you should never be rude to anyone or be the reason for someones tears.


This is a very important quality that if developed can enhance every single part of your life. Integrity is simply being totally honest both to oneself and people around you. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This is the core quality of a happy and successful life. It is the foundation of character! Which means if you have strong integrity you realize everything you do is a statement of who you are and as a Gentleman, it cant be average.


A gentleman’s body language and commanding personal presence identifies him as a leader. Confidence makes you look attractive, it helps you venture into things you only dreamt about. It also keeps you at a safe distance from the stronghold fear can have on you.


A gentleman is naturally curious, this propels him to constantly seek new knowledge. He listens more than he speaks hereby gathering as much data as he can. He’s intelligence helps him blend into any situation he finds himself and hardly puts him in a stiff situation.

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