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These are tried and tested steps, written from the perspective of the ‘dream girl’ in question, and they have worked overtime so feel free to pick up a pen and follow through. Pickup lines have gone beyond the first sentence now, these days, your continued conversations are the shots that will either finish the job or get you friendzoned real quick. So, you want to get that hot girl you’ve been eyeing? Here are 8 steps that will get you to the “let’s go on a date” part and even take you further:

First Contact: The first move you make, steps you take or lack thereof matter a great deal. So you sight a girl and you just really like her, what do you do? First, you make sure there is an introduction. You have to meet her one way or another so you can either get someone to introduce you like ‘hey have you met my friend Harry?’ and bam! you pick up from there. Please don’t be tongue tied. There couldn’t possibly be a worse timing than now for your speechlessness.

Or, you could approach her yourself and do the introductions. After introducing yourself, what next?

Find a Meeting Point: As said earlier, you cannot be tongue tied here otherwise, you have blown your chance. But, you can pretend to be tongue tied and play the ‘I’m so in awe of your beauty, I can’t speak’ part and leave her blushing. But, you must keep it going, with an air of subtlety and aloofness that keeps her second guessing if you are joking or not. Don’t overdo it though. There is a finesse about getting it just right.

Be Bold: You know all that shyness that has left you single for so long? Yeah, that one, pick it up, squeeze it and throw it in the bin. At this time, being shy will totally put her off and ruin your chances. You want to say something? Say it. You want to do something? Do it. Being bold will allow you be yourself and being yourself will make her know you more and with that, she can decide whether she likes the real you or not. Win-win (except she doesn’t like you, then its a win-loss, sorry).

Every Line Counts: Your conversations become pickup lines. Dream girl: I’m single; You: What?! If you and I were together, you would never be able to use that word to describe yourself anymore for life. Cheesy huh? You’ll be surprised how much those cheesy lines have begun thawing her probably hardened heart at this point, even if she tells you how cheesy those lines are.

Consistency: You have met her, you have talked to her, probably gotten her number, dude, you better be consistent with your approach. She may think you are a pest at first, but believe me, consistency is key. Check up on her as much as possible (please don’t ask if she has eaten if you don’t have the intention of bringing her food).

Gestures: The smallest gestures matter so much here. Leave her a sweet note every other morning “Hi Sandra, I hope you had a great night. Here’s wishing you a nice day ahead and please don’t let anyone stress that beautiful head of yours.” Send her lunch once in a while, be intentional about your approach in a nonchalant way.

Pause: Now, here’s your chance to make her miss you back. At this point, if you tell her you miss her, her responses may have been vague or just ‘thank you’. Don’t feel bad. Test the effect of your approach. After about 2 months of consistency with no feedback, withdraw your gestures and just stop sending your messages and checking up on her. See the miracle that happens. After about a week (at most, for the really mean ones), she will call you and find out what’s wrong. Do not ever mention that you withdrew so that she could seek you out. That would be dumb. Just tell her oh you’re sorry, you’ve been super busy, when will she be free for lunch, so you both can chat.

Pick up where you left off: She says yes to lunch, you pick up where you left off, you continue your ways and watch her reciprocate without even knowing.

You are on your way to being your dream girl’s man. Go forth and conquer!

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