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Before we begin, being a real man has absolutely nothing to do with how handsome you are (although it sure helps to have a cute fashion sense and a nice hair cut while at it). So there are men and then there are real men! Which one are you? There’s no point defining it. If you can’t boast of at least 5 of the points below, errmm, you should be worried:


Responsibility: A real man owns up to his responsibilities, rather than shy away from them. He owns his mistakes and fixes them; he takes care of those in his care; he is accountable fro his actions and is not fazed by their consequences. He faces them with brevity. He may be afraid, but he will not let that fear overtake his duties.

Honesty: You cannot be a liar and claim to be a real man, because lies are only employed when one is afraid of the consequences of facing the truth. So do you run away from the truth or do you admit your faults, own up to your actions and face the consequences? This one, you’ll have to answer yourself.

Confident: A real man is proud, but not egocentric. He is proud of his achievements, he stands tall in the crowd, he doesn’t need to seek validation of anyone, as long as he knows what he is doing is right. A real man has that classic, pride, far removed from shyness. However, to be in this phase, you have to have achieved pride-worthy status. What have you done for yourself? What have you made of the opportunities that life has thrown at you? These are things that can make you proud of yourself.

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Acceptance: of one’s self. A real man does not look at other people – celebrities, peers, colleagues, superiors, etc – and wish he were them. Rather, he would work hard to be the best version of himself, taking account of his strengths, weaknesses, failures and success along the way. A real man also tries to accept other people, especially those they are in a relationship with, the way they are, hoping to help them become better people, rather than trying to change them out rightly.

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Income: Well, who are you if you still sit at home and depend on pocket money from your parents? I’m not judging, but you really cannot stand your ground in the real world if you have never felt what it feels like to make money from your own wit. Get a job, do a business, no matter how small, but you have to be earning money in some way. Don’t be ashamed of your job, just make sure you aren’t starving.

Futuristic: Needless to say, a real man does not feed from hand to mouth. He is living each day as it comes, with a mind towards owning tomorrow. A real man invests, saves, plans. A real man recognises the fact that every action he takes today will have consequences on his tomorrow, hence he pays attention to his decisions.


Peaceful: Whether in an argument, or in a hostile environment, you have to always seek out the best way to achieve peace. You have to conquer your ego and seek a compromise. If it is in a relationship, you cannot expect to shut her up, because you think you should be right, rather, seek to attack the subject of the argument and how to fix it. If it is at work, the same method applies. Starting a fight and getting violent or seeking out fights all the time will only make you a coward. So who are you?

Solution-Oriented: As stated above, every problem requires a solution. Not just an ineffective recap of the problem over and over again, nor self pity. If you want to recognised as a real man, be the kind of person that always tries to seek solutions to every problem, not the person who panics and runs. Fear is fine, but what do you do about the fear? Conquer it or let it conquer you?

Focus/Goal-Oriented: Lastly, a real man is focused on his lifetime goals. You have to have a foresight, at least, of what you want to be in future; who you want to be and where yo want to be. Working to achieve these goals will take you to the full phase of being a real man with your own identity.

So how do you feel after reading this article? Good or bad? Whichever way you feel, it is not too late to start working towards being a good role model for the younger ones out there or even to your peers. You may not know it, but when you have your life in order, there is always someone somewhere watching and hoping to be like you. Don’t disappoint them.

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