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From the moment your date says "please send your location", you already know you got to prepare because she's coming!

Do not think that she is going to be impressed by just any setting she sees. Whether she tells your story, has a good impression of you, or even wants to see you again, will depend largely on how you are able to impress her the first time. Also, your setting can determine the 'base' you both get to. *wink*.


Take a look at this essentials check list we have put together for you, once she's on her way.

Choose your look

You should always look the part naturally as a gentleman. Regardless of the fact that your date decided to come over, still pay attention to the details of your look. Grooming, indoor outfit, pedicure and manicure etc. Don't be raggedy, but still, don't look like you're going to the Oscars. Give that I-am-at-home-but-still-always-fresh look. A pair of joggers and a loose tee would do, so long as you're looking fresh.

Clean your room

This is the one place the both of you would likely share behind closed doors. All the emotions and feelings that couldn't be expressed in the open, are expressed here - you definitely want it in order, Although there's a twist to this. When doing this, you probably do not want to make the room too clean so you don't give a first impression of a neat freak. This of course, is not a problem, if you are actually a neat freak. It's only one, when she comes some other time, and notices that you really just tidied up your room then to 'get some'.

Tidying the important areas should do the job. So, a natural homely setting is best to set you both in the right mood.

Clean yourself up

Brush your teeth, have a cool shower, be relaxed. Try to make sure all the areas that are prone to possible exploration by your date, are in great condition. Trim your nails, take some menthol, just be fresh!

Plan refreshments

Refreshment plans go without saying. Your guest has to eat or/and drink something, if they choose to. You can set up a light meal and maybe a bottle of wine to keep the mood fresh. We've put together for you already, some easy recipes here -->  http://www.temphas.com/category/food-drinks/

Prepare  for the unexpected

Since we hardly know where a date might lead to, its essential to prepare for different possible scenarios. For example, you both could get bored staying indoors, and decide to go out. You have to be prepared for this possibility. It could be to the movies, a bar/lounge, or just a stroll to the park. Also, prepare for sex! If you need to be told this, then you probably should not be having sex in the first place. Although is not a common occurrence on first dates, the possibility can't be ruled out. Don't forget to get protected.


Having everything you might need before, during, and after your date at close proximity is a plus. Asides from saving you both time and energy, it helps heighten the focus on just yourselves and not on looking for the nearest ATM or closest source of food. Napkins, cork screws, drinking glasses, maybe even food ingredients, just in case you guys decide to cook.

Spice up your mood

Get yourself rid of all the bad energy from any source. Listening to cool music, a shot of whiskey, staying perfectly hydrated and keeping strictly positive thoughts flowing would give you that spiced up mood you want. Don't panic, and get ready for adventure!

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