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BB Naija housemates are constantly finding ways to entertain themselves in the house. From swapping fun stories to sharing secondary school mishaps, the Pepper Dem gang switched channels effortlessly.

bbnaija pepper dem

Diane and Mercy had us cracking up when they played a game of wit in the lounge. The game involved both of them writing down the name of a country which starts with the letter of the alphabet mentioned – It went well until Diane asked what country began with ‘L’.

In her response, Diane wrote ‘Luxembourg’. This situation confused Mercy who in turn sought Jackye’s advice as she had never heard of such a country. The argument that followed on if Luxembourg was a state or a country was inconclusive and this brought the game to an end. Dear Diane, next time please choose ‘N’ so we can all write ‘Nigeria’. 

bbnaija pepper dem

Meanwhile, It was story time again as the Housemates gathered in the bedroom to narrate their favorite movies and how many times they have watched them. The excitement in their voices and the lights in their eyes showed us they miss that luxury. Maybe Biggie might surprise them with a film show one of these days.

On the other hand, Jackye gave wisdom nuggets  to artistes and creatives who live fake lives. She urged them to put on the cloak of truth as it would help them in the long run. Jeff, Sir Dee and Omashola also agreed to her statement by sharing personal experiences to validate their points. We hope the concerned parties took note during her speech.

By: Dammy Eneli

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