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So after the long wait, the patient watch and getting past the weird-looking first few strands, you have officially joined the beard gang and you think you have arrived. Your beards have grown full and long, but what if they are not attractive. It is not enough to have long beards, you need to have beard care knowledge too, otherwise, your efforts would have been in vain. Check out the necessary tips to achieve the most awesome beards:

1. Beard Oil: These are becoming more common these days. They are meant to give your beards a soft glow, as well as hydrate them after you wash off all the nutrients in the shower, preventing your beards from being dry and spongy. Trust me, there’s nothing attractive about dry and spongy beards. Typically, you apply beard oil once a day after you shower, giving your pores time to soak in the nutrients. They keep you well groomed so they are definitely a worthy investment.

2. Conditioner: Okay before your toxic masculinity oozes, we are not referring to the shampoo kind of conditioner. These beard conditioners have been renamed (for your masculine ego), the Utility Balm or beard cream. This is more like a leave-in conditioner that helps you condition your beards, as well as style them. Those people whose beards seem to always maintain a certain glorious shape, probably use the utility condition to achieve their desired results.

3. Beard Combs: Every bearded man knows that you don’t joke around with your comb. Different sizes of comb depending on how thick your beards are, but you must always have a comb at hand. Tail comb, afro comb, mustache comb, whatever works for you.

4. Beard Softener:

There’s also something called a beard softener. Some guys walk around with such hard, spongy beards, that I wonder how it is not uncomfortable for them (or how their girlfriends aren’t uncomfortable kissing them). If you fall in this category (it is easy to know, just touch your beards and you can tell if they are hard or soft) get a softener and apply it once everyday, let it sit in the beard while you shower then rinse out before drying.   Alright let’s give it a rest before we get extra. Some of us are very particular about beard care and maintenance.

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