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Everyone’s guilty of a little bit of covetousness or ranting to whoever cares to listen we have nothing “pleasant” enough to wear.

Sadly, its price and the brand that people care about these days and not what works for them and this is not necessarily being able to afford it. It’s about your style.


In fashion, knowing and understanding your style is more important than the piece.

Your style should dictate the piece, not the trend but what works for you.


In order to know your style, you have to know yourself first. Fashion should be a projection of you, by your fashion choices people should be able to have a sense of who you might be.

Whether you choose to beige, stripes whatever it has to be you.

Every brand has its audience or customer. From Gucci to Valentino, every brand makes its wears for a set of people, it’s beyond being able to afford the price. Know your brand.

Just wearing anything because it’s in vogue or because it might speak of class and taste is not always the right choice.

For example, I’m sure you can name a one or two celebrities known for wearing notable but they never ever seem to get a hang of it. Cause it never about the piece.

It’s important to wear what makes you comfortable. In the first place, Only in your comfort can you truly shine because most times the discomfort felt is evident and there’s nothing like a happy confident dresser.

It’s never about the blings, it is about the attitude.

No brand should define you, you define and dictate what is for you.

It is important to know your style, what fits and being comfortable with it.

Most people think the very spice of fashion is wearing and having the biggest and most expensive brands. Incidentally I’m guilty of this too but it’s not so.

Besides, I’m sure we can name a few people known for rocking the biggest names but never seem to get a hang of these brands.


Fashion should be about you. Your clothes and accessories should be a projection of you.

The elegance is in the blend and carriage, not how much the item costs. You could pick up something from Mr John selling jeans at Yaba and make it work.

More work should go into knowing yourself and selecting the right pieces to help project this self. However, when you get this right you are on to on to stealing glances from folks right left and center. If it’s for you, you can rock it.

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