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I met a very vibrant lady through a friend. My friend Bob had just gotten a girlfriend and was madly in ‘love’. Most times after work, he would go visit her; the love was strong.

On this day, Bob decided to go visit his babe without letting his passenger Nasrat know about this. Imagine her annoyance when he told her that evening that she wouldn’t be coming along that day.

He felt so guilty that he called to ask if I had gone home. Bob and I stay close together, I have regretted that for a while now because he is a pest; story for another day. Luckily for Bob, I was at a mall buying food stuff. I didn’t mind Nasrat coming along with me.
A few minutes later, Nasrat is in the car with me and we are heading home.
I had looked at the map, had seen traffic in my usual route and decided to follow somewhere else. I lost my way so we had to ask around to find our way home.
During that short period, I got to know a lot about Nasrat. She is a really good communicator.
She started following me by the way. No one likes to follow Bob anyways.
Just kidding.

Nasrat had decided to move away from her current place to be closer to work. So on this day, I went to her new place for the first time. Before I went to her place, I asked what she wanted and she told me to prepare pounded yam and Efo riro. Now when I make Efo, I love using goat meat but it’s usually a battle buying goat meat in the market I go to.
I have to go early in the morning to buy the female goat meat because the male meat is tougher and takes a while longer to cook. Anytime I go there, it is usually packed with people trying to buy the meat.
Instead I decided to prepare something else for Nasrat, against her wishes.

I got a full chicken and marinated it for a whole day. I marinated it with my special sauce (blended mixture of oil boiled peppers, onions, herbs and spices) along with salt, lime, fish sauce and pepper. I then roasted it in an oven for 1 ½ hours, turning the chicken at different intervals.

Something funny happened though. I thought I set the timer to end in 5 minutes, little did I know I set the infinite timer. It was a blessing in disguise as I loved how charred the chicken was.
I chopped parsley, mint, basil and dill together then added salt, oil, vinegar and lime. Everything was mixed and poured on the chicken.

I added some grilled plantains that I chopped into little sizes to the chicken.

I also went to Nasrat’s place with a nice slice of Princess Cake I had made.
The Princess cake journey is long one. I had made one a few months back but I didn’t make the Marzipan (the frosting on the cake) well, it kept breaking up. One reason for that was I used finely ground coconut instead of almond because I couldn’t afford to buy almonds then.
This time I got almond and the Marzipan came out better than before but I know I can still do better.

I will write an article about my Princess cake journey later.

It took me a while to get to Nasrat’s place. She is really bad with directions.
Guess what she offered me after I brought these goodies?

Yep, Chin Chin and soft drink. Just Imagine that.

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