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This ends here! Luckily you can learn a few natural and cost effective tips to help you get rid of sweaty, smelly feet.

Most of us have been in a situation where somebody removes his/her shoe and a weird stench engulfs the whole place, You agree they weren’t so pleasant.

Incidents like this can be very embarrassing especially to the shoe/smelly feet owner.

Its a major turn off and if not handled properly, it can make you loose important people around you.

The Dryer the shoes, the better.

What causes our feet to stink usually starts from wearing poorly ventilated shoes which result in sweat, together with bacteria on our feet feeding on the sweat to form the unattractive acidic stench.

In addition to not wearing the same shoe repeatedly, You should pay more attention to drying out your shoes even before observing any smell.

Boots drying out in the sun

Wash your feet everyday

man washing his leg

Frequent washing of our feet with antiseptic/antibacterial soaps will help stop bacteria attracted to dirty and sweaty feet.

Keeping a good feet hygiene is very key. in addition feel free to use good antiperspirants on your feet too to help curb excess sweating

Choose the right Shoe

The trick here is, if you’re going to be engaged for a while in your shoes, you should always go for a well ventilated shoe.

The longer your feet stays in the wrong shoe the higher the chances of them sweating and eventually stink.

Pay attention to your socks

cotton fabric socks

Cotton, wool and some other thick comfortable fabrics are what you should look out for when getting your socks. Their thickness helps in absorbing the sweat from your feet.

Soak feet in saltwater

Saltwater helps reduce the moisture within the skin hereby lowering the chance of bacteria build up.

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