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You’ll be forming fine boy, fresh guy and your lips are chapped. Or you want to come and ‘toast’ a girl and your hands are white due to Harmattan.

Light skinned guys, don’t be deceived, ladies notice your dry, whitish hands as well, so hang your over confidence elsewhere. If you want to maintain the high scale of ‘fresh guy’ you have been carrying even in this dry, frizzy weather, here are things to take note of:


Please guys, this is not the time to be forming ‘I don’t use cream’. This period is the one time that you should actually stick to moisturising more than once a day. When you get out of the shower, use a lotion. It’s pretty basic. This not only prevents chapping and frizzy skin, it also helps to keep your skin fresh and soft for those caresses.

Lip Balm:

This is 2019. It is no longer a “girl-thing” to carry lip balm. Lip balm is simply moisturiser for the lips and it doesn’t even leave any colour, so please use one. Matter of fact, carry one around. Girls find it kinda sexy to see a guy that takes care of himself enough to use a lip balm anyway.

Hand cream:

Using a lotion after you shower in the morning does not guarantee you a fresh skin all day. In fact, in this dry weather, after you moisturise in the morning, by the time you step out of your house, you may be looking like you never even did in the first place. So please always carry your hand cream or lotion around with you. Before you step out of your car, check you knuckles, check your elbow, your knees (if you are wearing shorts), and your face. If any of them is looking whitish or dry, please do the needful.



It only makes sense to carry a body spray or perfume around during this period, as the heat can quickly wipe off your sweet, natural smell. So stop forming ‘I smell good regardless’ and wear a perfume. If for nothing, do it out of respect for the people that will have to have to be close to you all day.


I can’t believe I have to say this at all, but please shower, at least twice everyday. You are in Nigeria. We are hot all the time. You sweat. Please shower. Just do it.

There are lots more points, but these are the basics and if you can conquer this, then you can conquer the world… or at least yourself.

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