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Living in a City like Lagos, the word stress can’t be new to you. A fiercely populated city of hustlers where someone is already waiting in line to take your spot the moment you slip up, you have to choice but to reduce daily stress in other to keep up.

Depending on your location, sometimes moving from one point to another in Lagos can be exhausting due to the amount of people going the same way at the same time.

Daily hassles such as traffic jams, minor arguments, misplacing valuables take a major toll on our mental health.

Below we’ve highlighted some tips to help reduce your daily stress.

Spend some time around nature. A calm green surrounding or fresh air helps a great deal in clearing our thoughts.

Meditation for just 10 minutes a day can help keep the mind in one place, avoiding it from roaming and causing unnecessary anxiety.

Reaching out to people is another great way of managing stress. Preferably face to face or online, talking to friends, loved ones or family help calm the mind and nerves.

Having a good laugh stirs up endorphins in the brain which helps lighten up your mood.

Listening to cool music lowers blood pressure and anxiety. You can also blow off steam by singing at the top of your voice.

Exercise also helps reduce stress, a little walk up and down the stairs or routine aerobics, stretching etc helps the body produce feel good chemicals that help in dealing with stress.

Whenever you start feeling stressed, remind yourself of who you are, all the many things you’re grateful for. This way you reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown.

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