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A lot of Nigerian men are beginning to go the fitness way of recent which in turn has boosted the gym clothes and accessory industry. I remember growing up, then my mum took aerobics sessions every weekend at the sports complex, most of the crowd used to be a few middle aged women and a couple of men. This has changed so drastically that you can hardly take a drive or a walk around your neighborhood as early as 5am without seeing clusters of men and women working out. This is Great because being healthy and fit isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

When I first started hitting the gym every morning my first hurdle used to be picking out the most comfortable gym clothes in my wardrobe, before clearing the second hurdle which is actually showing up at the gym. The first hurdle became easier for me as I got used to always packing my gym clothes a night before, that also helped put my brain in sync to look forward to showing up at the gym the next morning.

What you wear to the gym has the power to affect your workout session positively or negatively.

Here we took our time to list out some gym wardrobe must haves for men.

A machine washable and easy to dry track suit.

A cotton headband to keep sweat from getting into your eyes.

long battery life wireless headphones.

Water bottle.

Compression leggings to help keep blood circulation around your leg region.

A bag with multiple inner compartments to keep all your items safe.

Quick dry polyester running shorts.

Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Comfortable socks.

Fitted training top.

Trainers made with the needs of athletes in mind.

When getting gym clothes we should try to stick to a few colors like black, white or grey.

Color combinations like navy blue and green is also a good buy.

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