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Oni Oluwabunmi Joshua, is a medical student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU. He is a fashion & brand influencer with an amazing sense of style. Always classy, Oni, popularly known as Jislof, is a huge inspiration to thousands of young men, and women, all over the country.

For his birthday today, we sat with him to talk about his personal style and how he combines his life as a fashion influencer, and his career in medicine.How did the name jislof come about?

Got the name when I was in JS2 , actually means (Jesus Is Lord Forever) 😊

How and when did you develop interest in fashion?

From childhood, I’ve always loved to dress well and look good 😊

What is your definition of style?

I believe style is your personal way of expressing yourself through what you wear

You’re a Jumia ambassador, how did that happen?

Can’t even explain, I’ll call it grace.. Just got a mail from Jumia Nigeria last year. They loved my craft and found me worthy to be one of their influencers. Since then, we’ve been creating magic together

How are you able to balance studying medicine, with being an active style influencer

Honestly, time management and prioritization.
I do most of my photo shoot weekends and spend most of my nights studying.

When you’re done studying medicine, would you practise, at the expense of your style influence?

I believe if I can combine medical school and style influencing as I already do now, I’ll definitely be able to combine them when I become a Doctor.

Does having a dope personal style, require you to be bold?


What’s the role being bold plays, in being really stylish?

You’ll need to be bold to rock some outfits. I’ll say, being bold could also be a part of your outfit 😂

Who’s your style inspiration, locally and internationally?

I respect Blake scott , Steven Onoja, then locally Akinfaminu and Denola grey 🙌🏻

Who’s your favourite Nigerian designer?

I respect Mai atafo, probably because I’m a big fan of suits

What’s the one fashion accessory you can’t do without?

My wrist watch !!!!

What’s the one fashion accessory every guy should have?

A nice Wrist watch!

What’s the one fashion accessory that can completely transform a look?

A nice pair of Shades! – Could be magical.Does one need money to be really stylish? And how much?

Actually money is really important. There’s a limit to the number of fashion items you can get, if you don’t have money. You don’t need to be a millionaire to be stylish, but you need at least some amount of money 😊

What message do you try to pass across, with your personal style?


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