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Over the years, different poses have come and gone – but unlike other trends such as those in fashion, challenges, etc, these poses are not named. However, they still exist.

Not too long ago, was the pose where people looked down, sometimes, with their heels raised just a few centimetres above the ground, seemingly checking out their shoes. This was done mostly by millenials, as the older generations were never really into this.

This pose however, has gradually phased out, and the pose of the moment….drum roll…is what Temphas has dubbed the ‘Vibe’. The Vibe is the most urban bend down pose in the streets right now.

This pose is characterised by having both knees bent in a stooping position, sometimes, one leg stretched out, with the body leaning back a little bit.

The pose can be done really low, or with the knees bent just a little, and perfect with folded arms. As seen above, it can be done on an elevator, and any platform basically.

The Vibe pose can be done by both sexes, and is one usually done while adorned in street wear. Many times, it’s done with the popular tiny shades, which definitely complement the pose, and complete the street/urban look.

If you’re really cool, young, hip, and urban, you most likely have a picture in this pose😉.

It can also be done in groups, for the perfect ‘crew goals’ picture.

The bend down pose has been done by celebrities, social media influencers, and street wear enthusiasts, the world over.

Needless to say, the Vibe pose is popular within the black pop culture community, and has come to stay!

Consider yourself cool? Then you better have a picture in this pose!👌

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