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We all want value from everything we buy, From jewelry to cars, food and housing, clothing and personal needs, it human nature. When it comes to clothing, value can mean its fitting which is how the garment compliments our body, the cost compared to the satisfaction and also importantly longevity of the garment.

Garments that are consciously attended to properly and cared for last longer in our wardrobes thereby giving us more value for our money. Below we’ve highlighted guidelines to follow that would keep your garments better looking and fresh after multiple usage.

Always buy original

We all know getting original clothing can be very expensive in this part of the world but that hasn’t changed the fact that original clothes last longer. Counterfeit wears may look good at first use but after multiple usage and washing it starts to fade off and loose shape. Original clothing made from good fabric and expert tailoring can last decades and still keep its original fit and color depending on how much attention and care given.

Always maintain good hygiene

Having a bath twice daily, Using antiperspirant deodorants, frequent hand washing and the likes. as simple as they are help a lot with properly taking care of our garments. trying our best to avoid stains and necessary wear and tear from our clothing can help avoid multiple laundry and tailor trips which in turn gives the garment more value and usage time. knowing which garment to wear to a particular event is also important, you do not want to wear your best suit to a messy house party.

Have basic tailoring knowledge

It is very important to have a small tailoring kit near by if we really want that ideal wardrobe. Sometimes what ruins most of our garments are small rips from the the sewing that eventually expand and eventually ruin the garment. it could be a loose button from our favorite suit that if not attended to in time could cost us time, money and ultimately loosing the suit in the future.

Store in a cool, dry environment

Keeping garments in a cool, dry and dark environment can not be overemphasized. it is even written on some clothing tags. This helps in ensuring your garments are bacteria and algae free, moist free and fade free. Excess moisture and heat aids mold growth. You should also remember not to overcrowd your closet.

Pay close attention to Laundry

When washing our dirty garments, you don’t simply gather every one of them and wash the same way, different fabrics require care and washing style. For example, washing dark colored clothes inside out helps hold the color, you shouldn’t take that garment for washing for using at least 3 times, always try to reduce the amount of the detergents you use when washing. we should also bear in mind that the washing machine even as effective as it is, hand washing still does wonders.

Garment Rotation

Another good way to properly take care of our garments is to consciously avoid repeating them multiple times. Yes we all have that denim we cant wait to get out of the laundry, or that t-shirt or sweater but thank goodness we’re aware now and having a set of clothes for the week and another set for next week helps preserve our garments.

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