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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and honestly, even I am freaking out. If you haven’t bought anything for your boyfriend yet, then you are most likely in my shoes. But fear no more, the situation can and will be salvaged. Read on, thank me later:

His and Hers Wrist watch:

his and hers wrist watch
Photo credit: Pinterest

This is the easiest option for someone looking for what to buy for their boyfriend. Boys like wrist watches, especially the designer pairs that make them look responsible and classy, so if your man doesn’t already have one – or his wrist watch is old – invest in a good Cartier, or Michael Kors, or a Rolex, if you can handle it. The best part is when you can afford to make it a His and Hers pair.

A meal:

Photo credit: Chef Coco’s Instagram

Now, this is not some random meal you cook and pack in a lunch box for him (no offence). You are placing an order for this meal. There are great chefs that are always happy to deliver a good meal, well decorated with side dishes and drinks for the man. It makes for a classy statement at work, and kinda secures your place in his heart (you know what they say about the way to a man’s heart. Check out @chef.coco.o for great options.

A pair of sneakers:

Photo credit: Sneaker clue

No man can ever have enough sneakers. Nikes, Levi’s and Adidas would make for a great pair.


Photo credit: Fragrance Net

Same as scent. I love my man to smell good, so if I want to make him happy (which subtly means make myself happy), I would invest in a billionaire-scent like Creed Aventus, Intense Armani, Velvet, Gucci, Hugo Boss, among others. Be sure to include a cute red bow around the package with a love note that indicates how you see him as the Billionaire he will be (something I would do). He would be pleasantly surprised.

Gift basket:

Photo credit: The Surprise Factory

Now there are vendors that do this online. All they want to do is take your budget and gather a bunch of cute gifts for whomever you want to give them to. They have a lovely way of buying just the right things so you may not even need to worry. Check out @thegifthaven, @thesurprisefactory and others like them on Instagram.

Romantic Dinner:

couple on a date

This never gets old. Take him out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, a private beach or a fancy street food joint and pay for the entire evening. Allow him enjoy himself at your expense. Men tend to believe they are the providers and should always be the one to take care of their women, but this is your chance to pamper him a lot.

A classy video:

Now, someone I know did this for his girlfriend and she was frantic with excitement. So ladies, we are stealing this idea. Create a montage of beautiful moments that both you and your boyfriend have spent together during your relationship, and attach your favourite romantic song to it. It could be a short video, but the thought of the time, effort and energy you would have put to it would wow him. Sometimes, it is the thought that counts, not the money.

A spa day:


Well, this is always a great option for a working, stressed out man. If he can’t get off work that day, just buy him the ticket and gift it to him. It would be even sweeter if you get a couple’s massage session and spa treatment so both of you can experience it together. Oh the things that would happen that night! *lips sealed*

A weekend getaway:

Photo credit: Hotels.ng

This sells itself. Pick anywhere. The elections are set to hold this weekend anyway, so you might as well pack up on Friday and go somewhere romantic for the weekend (think of Takwa Bay, La Campagne Tropicana, among other beach resorts in Nigeria). Be sure to tell him before hand though, so he can make work and other preparations.

Love note:

love notes

Write him a poem, sing him a song, write him a love note. This is old school, but old school is romantic. Once, I wrote various sweet words about my boyfriend in about 20 red and pink heart shaped sticky notes and placed them at strategic points in his house before he got back home. He had to pick off each one as he walked in, reading and smiling all the way and when he finally got into the house, he met a table of flowers, a meal and a wrapped gift waiting for him. I know, I’m a hopeless romantic and that is what you would be as well after reading this piece.

Now, go forth and make the women folk proud this Valentine’s Day.

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