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The rainy season is one inevitable season in a year, and when it rains, it pours. With this particular change in climate comes a need to switch up your style or add new essential pieces or items to your wardrobe. 

The rainy season is a time to experiment with different styles of heavy clothing and also layers. Don’t let the weather stand in the way of you looking your best, have fun with it and create magic every time you decide to step out of your home. 

To survive this season without being a fashion wreck, we’ve listed out five must haves for the rainy season to help you look your absolute best. 

1. Rainproof Boots

It is expected to step in some water due to the heavy downpour during this season, so it’s only appropriate that you are prepared for the wet roads and splashes. The rainproof boots have you covered. It is incredibly stylish when paired with the right clothes and it also keeps your feet warm at all times. So, now is the perfect time to invest in rainproof boots to keep you stylish and comfortable in the most dreaded season of the year. 

2. An Umbrella

This is a very obvious item to own during the rainy season, hard to believe, but most people don’t own an umbrella as they think it might never come in handy. But, the rainy season is here and you have to get to the office, a function, or just hang out with friends, definitely an umbrella will be needed for these  movements. So it’s safe to have one umbrella in your car and also one in the house to avoid getting wet when it rains unexpectedly. 

3. Waterproof bags

During this season, you’ll need a safe place to keep items that are prone to damage because of the rain. Getting a bag with a satchel will be preferable, so you can keep your hands free when moving around. 

4. Shorts

Who doesn’t love to show off legs every now and then? The short shorts trend for men definitely raised some eyebrows in the beginning, but as more men began rocking this piece confidently, it has been adopted by literally everyone. It’s often very drippy and messy during the rainy season so it only makes the most sense to be in shorts. It’s not only comfortable and pleasing to the eye, it also gives your style an edge and shorts definitely takes a boring or plain shirt to a whole new level.

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