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It’s easy to be around a lot of negativity or negative people, maybe at your workplace, school, family members or even in your place of worship. But, dealing with these situations are often tricky as one can lose their temper and be dragged down the negativity hole. Learning how to maintain your cool or remaining positive even when subjected to this type of environment can also be a great attractive attribute to your character as a person. 

These people have a way of affecting progress and productivity with their mindset and attitude towards life in general. Here are some ways to remain positive while dealing with these situations. 

1. Maintain your positive mindset

Make a conscious decision to always stay in a positive headspace. When you constantly remind yourself to be positive in every situation, it automatically reflects in your attitude and you won’t be affected by the negativity happening around you. 

2. Stay out of reach 

Make yourself unavailable to negative people and always surround yourself with positive thinkers like yourself, this will make it hard for you to be affected by the obnoxious attitude constantly displayed by negative people. 

3. Kill them with Kindness 

A very popular saying to always be kind to naysayers  and the Debbie downers of the world, this is also a good trick to staying positive. Negative people are often  disappointed when they’re being paid back with kindness and not the negativity they’re used to. 

4. Protect your thoughts

Your thoughts might be easily infiltrated when you’re constantly around these people. So, always guard your thoughts and remind yourself of positive things, just so you don’t get mixed up in the Negative lifestyle. 

5. Don’t Spend your time on Negative things

Try as much as possible not to give negative people your time or energy. This can be very time consuming and it can also shift your focus from what’s important to you.

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