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Saving funds requires a lot of discipline, you have to be able to resist what most people, even friends and family members are doing at the moment. You have to be conscious of your spending habits, just so you’re able to get the best out of saving. It is impossible to have control over the cost of things, but it is definitely in your power to control your shopping/luxurious impulses.

With the crazy and overwhelming things happening, new tech inventions, new hangout spots, new fashion and trends, it has become unexplainably hard to stack up coins for the rainy day. 

Most people set out to invest or save up to 20-40% of their monthly income, but they fail to carry out this mission due to lack of proper education on how to save and be disciplined while saving. 

We’re going to be giving you a few tricks to saving funds. 

1. Create a Monthly Budget 

Creating a Budget might just be the easy hack to save extra coins. Most people don’t create a budget list when going to the market or getting supplies for the house, therefore allowing you to flex your shopping energy without realizing the price will be paid on your debit or credit card. 

Making a budget will guide you to get exactly what you want in the store, without going off plan to getting irrelevant items. If your budget plan is followed strictly, this will definitely help you save up a little more than the usual, monthly. 

2. Feed your Needs More than your Wants

The latest Gucci shoes or the latest Birkin bags should not be considered as an important need. For sure, the ad campaign team for these products know the right way to put these products in your face, but it is up to you to figure out if you really need those items. Feeding your wants, especially when they’re not planned, can really put a big dent in your savings. So if they’re not important budgeted needs, try to resist them. 

3. Set a limit on your payment card

This is a sure means of helping you cut down on your spending, and also help you stay within your budget for the day or month. Staying conscious of monthly or daily spending, especially when you have a limit on your bank card, will help you stop unnecessary spending and also help you save up. 

4. Have a Reason for saving 

Having a reason to save is definitely one thing to keep you motivated to keep on saving, whether it is for that new place, new car, college tuition, emergency funds, or the kids future. These reasons will keep you grounded, disciplined and  give you a sense of financial security. 

5. Get Financial advice 

A financial advisor won’t only help you with your investments and managing  your real estate, they can help you with useful tips or methods to saving for the future or towards your retirement. They also help you track your expenses and help navigate through your financial difficulties.

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