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Very often, we are quick to dismiss others and point out sexist things that they do, especially when they are so blatant. But, sometimes, we subconsciously make statements and carry out actions that unknown to us, are sexist. Look below and pick your shade:


Simple statements: “Please just leave her, she’s a woman”; “I can’t hit you because you are a woman,” “that’s so girly/womanly”, “Are you on your period?” statements like these are the reasons why women fight for their right. Why can’t you just know you cannot hit her, because she is a person? Many people ask women if they are on their period when they are angry with them, with the assumption that she is just being hormonal – no dude, you are just being annoying.

Hating the colour pink: Puh-lease, everyone wears pink now. In fact, a lot of men look so handsome in pink. So step up your fashion game and wear what you like.

Expectations: When they want to share cake in your office, who do you automatically turn to? They don’t say it, but there is this unspoken expectation of people in offices in Nigeria, where they expect that welfare matters should be left to the women there, simply because they are women.

Those instinctive surprises: Say for instance, you are driving, and some other car randomly cuts you off, or a car speeds past on high speed, and then you catch up with the person and look into their car and see a woman, admit it, what is your first reaction? Surprise is what most people express. They will say “and she was even a woman!” Or you walk into a well-known huge company and see that their head of HR or the CEO is a woman, your mind registers, “wow! She’s a woman”. Yup! You’re a sexist.

Assumptions: No, wearing makeup is not simply to attract a man, we just want to look fine and presentable to the world (men and women). Hairdos are not to please men, so please stop telling women that you prefer it when they are wearing their natural hair, it is not your business.

Cat Calls: A pretty lady passes and you whistle, or shout “fine girl”, errr, please stop. Its rude and totally sexist.

Statements: These are the easiest ways to spot a sexist. The things they say are endless! “You run like a woman”, “you punch like a girl”, “you like girly movies”, etc.

So look through the list above. Which one(s) do you click yes to? Congratulations you are sexist. Now’s your time to change!

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