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By the way, My bestie celebrated her birthday a while ago. I didn’t disturb her because she had a long queue of able-bodied men waiting to take her out to celebrate her birthday.I patiently waited for the heat to die down. Once her birthday craze was over, I invited her to join me for dinner at Chai Tang.

Whenever I go out for dinner, I try to leave my stomach as empty as possible. The reason being because I have a very small stomach, which I like by the way. If I didn’t have a small stomach, I am sure I would be as fat as a house.

Chai Tang is a newish restaurant that’s located at Lekki Phase 1, where we have the infamous Rufus and Bee. I reckon it’s on the second floor.

The first thing that captivated my friend and I was the ambience of the place. However It was almost as if we entered another country. I was however, a little confused. I thought Chai Tang was Chinese but I couldn’t help but notice some touch of Japanese… actually, a lot of Japanese. It really didn’t bother me that much because I was so hungry and so was my dinner buddy.

To begin with, the waiter was actually nice, he wasn’t hovering all over the place but he was always their when we needed him. Now that I think about it, I didn’t tip him; he deserved to be tipped.

He gave us the menu and I was a little surprised with the cost. I was expecting something more expensive. Yayyy to me, I didn’t have wash plates.

The waiter told us that a main meal is enough to feed two people. After, we decided to get a starter we both would share, then get separate main meals and more or less eat from each other’s plate. If we still had space in my stomachs, we will get ourselves a dessert.

Our starter was deep fried chicken wings which cost N4200.

I initially thought the wings would be small; little did I know. I had sadly already ordered some spring rolls to go with the chicken wings.

I got three spring rolls which cost a total of N1800.

After sharing this with my friend, my tank was half filled. I was wondering how I was going to have the main course.

The main course came about 15 minutes later. I ordered stir fried beef with black bean sauce and chilli which cost N6500. My bestie ordered shrimp fried rice which cost N5800. She’s a big fan of shrimps.

The waiter wasn’t lying. The food was really a lot even for that price.

My friend also ordered a nice chilled chapman.

She had drank it almost halfway through before I realized that I was to take a picture.

I just ordered water.

I don’t think I had been so filled up before. We really couldn’t finish the food; we just had to get it packed.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. Ambience was awesome, the service was superb and the food was delicious.

Overall, we spent a total of N20500, which isn’t bad for a restaurant of that calibre. Satisfied? Yes!

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