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I love plantains, I think I got it from my mum. She is the only person I know that loves plantains way more than I do.

I went out this faithful day and mistakenly bought a whole bunch of plantains. It was surprisingly cheap and who doesn’t like cheap stuff? I soon realized after buying it that it was too much for even me.

I decided to see the different things I can do with plantains because I know how I can get tired of eating a particular food item over and over again.


I started with a classic, the famous boli. I had grilled this massive mutton leg a few days ago. I brought some pieces out of the fridge and fried it in light olive oil. I chopped some peppers and onions then fried them. I put all together and made myself a spectacular meal to remember. I was bloated after this meal.


After I returned from work the next day and was really hungry but I didn’t want to prepare something that would take too long. later I got some plantains and sliced them as thin as I could. I put them in the grill at about 220 degrees for about 15 mins and I got myself some crispy plantain chips. I brought out some of my mutton leg pieces and fried it with some chopped tomatoes, garlic and ginger. That’s how I served myself a simple but filling dinner.


It was Wednesday and I know I am not supposed to say this but I was tired of eating meat. I also needed something different and simple of course.

While my noodles were boiling, I chopped some peppers, onions, garlic, ginger and sausages. Yeah sausages, I know I said I was tired of eating meat but this is a different kind of meat.

I drained my noodles and fried it with the chopped items along with plantains I had fried earlier. I bet you thought I forgot about the plantains, right?


I got home early on Thursday and felt like having beans. I blended a mixture of peppers and garlic together and added it to my almost ready beans which I boiled. I added some palm oil, salts and herbs. I placed everything in my glassware, blanketed the whole thing in onions and baked it under high heat for 20 minutes.

Next I marinated fish with spices and herbs then grilled it. I sliced some plantains and grilled it under high heat for about 5 minutes and I got myself the fourth plantain-ish meal for the week. Because of the way the plantains were made, it had this irony kind of taste; which I liked.


I am pretty sure by now you will be expecting a fifth meal. Well, I was tired of plantains and was tired from the week. Afterwards, on my way back home, I got myself a nice medium sized pizza and a soft drink. I sat back and watched an awesome movie as I had my hot pizza and chilled drink.

Do you think I missed a certain kind of plantain? Don’t say boiled, I cant stand boiled plantains.

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