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It was the last day of my stay. Our plan was to do all our shopping on that day. Our destination was the famous Diera district. My friend got a list of a few places to shop there. We also planned to go to the Souk spice and perfume markets. A friend gave me the contact details to a perfume dealer in the Souk market area.

Before we left, I checked around the area using Google maps to find other places we could go to while we were there. On our way back, we were going to drop by Thai Time restaurant to have lunch then go home and pack. My flight was for 10 past midnight.

We set out around 10AM following the redline and dropping by Union Station. We were making our way to the chocolate store my friend told me about when I saw a store that looked like they had good stuff. I tell my friend that we should check it out. We did and we were amazed by how cheap some of the things were.

We didn’t want to spend too much there, so we made our way to the chocolate store but to our dismay, it looked like it had been shut down. I remembered seeing another chocolate place in the same area. So our plan changed, we saw another store close to the chocolate store. Our aim was to go there, buy some stuff, go to the other chocolate place then head to the perfume market then the spice market.

We spent almost an hour in the store. Stuff there were so cheap, cheaper than the first place we went to. We decided not to buy much because we were going pass there on our way home. We instead headed to the chocolate shop.

The chocolate shop was like candy land. Not only did they have chocolates, but they also had nuts and even spices.

At this point, we were running low on money. So we had to settle down to think of where we will go and what we will spend money on. Scarping the perfume market was first on our list because the store we went to had good perfumes at relatively cheap prices. We also decided to just go to the spice market briefly.

It began to rain at this point. Imagine what would have happened if we chose that day to go to Aquaventure.

We had to get a cab to the Souk spice market. Our stay there was indeed short. We went to a spice store where I got some spices. I did get a little irritated because the shop owner kept trying to get me to buy some sex performance herbs and I wasn’t interested but he insisted none the less.

The camel that broke the straw’s back was when my friend bought a wrist band for 35AED that the seller initially said it was 250AED. I was disgusted by this, why would you tell me something is 250AED and I am able to price it down to 35AED? That showed a high level of lack of integrity.

I just told my friend we were done after that. It made me even think of the place I got my spices, if I really got them for the true price.

We decided to walk back to the second store we initially went to; the rain had stopped. We realised by this time that we weren’t going to make it to the restaurant because we were running late.

As we walked back, I looked across a river and could see how large the Souk really was.

I wanted to take a boat though

You could easily cross the river to the other side using the boats and ferries around.

As we made our way back, we stumbled across another store. There, my friend was able to buy up to 6 pairs of shoes for really cheap.

We were running late at this point; it was around 4pm and the plan was to leave for the airport around 7pm; we had to hurry up. The things we had gotten up to this point were already a lot and heavy. We pushed on regardless. We did miss our way to the store at first; we had gotten used to this by now.

On our way to the store, we came across these 3 women who were clearly Nigerians. They asked us how they could get to the Souk gold market. Seeing that we had become experts of the area within a few hours, it wasn’t difficult pointing them in the right direction.

We went to our store, quickly got what we wanted and ended back to the train station. The joy in my face when we got on the train would have scared a few people on the train. The load I was carrying was so heavy and the rain was so annoying that the trip to the train station wasn’t a funny one.

We get home around 6pm and immediately got ready to leave. We called the reception to carry out their inspection so we could get our 1000AED back. They sent a nice Egyptian guy who kept on trying to show us he was ‘good’ at English. I was a little sad when he asked for a tip and I wasn’t able to give him.

We found our way to the Red Line as usual; the journey wasn’t an easy one. My friend had more load than I had; I had no choice but to help her by carrying hers. It wasn’t the best journey though, but it was the cheapest option.

I said my goodbyes to my friend and got a taxi to my terminal. On getting there, I was greeted by three Nigerians. I thought they were also travellers like me. I, however began to doubt when they asked how many luggage I had. I decided to ignore them, but they followed me into the airport.

Apparently, they wanted me to carry some load for them seeing that I had one luggage. They were going to pay me for it. I totally ignored them after telling them twice that I wasn’t interested. Funny thing is some people actually carried some of their goods. I found it strange that in this day and age, we had people still doing things like that. Mostly in a country that has strict rules and even stricter penalties.

This particular dude kept on telling me about how we are brothers and how we ought to look out for each other and all. I was more fascinated by his dressing though.

As I was there, up to three other people agreed and carried their goods for them.

It is annoying and sad that most of we Nigerians go to places to corrupt and destroy what people have built all their lives. The airport didn’t have security personnel standing outside to see if you were going to travel or not. Because there is no one to ‘watch’ them, they decided to do as they pleased. Some of these boys even escorted the people who agreed to carry their goods all the way to the ticketing area.

Apart from that unfortunate event, my journey back home was pretty good.

I must say, I enjoyed my Dubai trip, it was money well spent. Where do I go to next???

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