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It is easy to get comfortable with your man and then you decide to be yourself completely. That’s fine. But please, until he becomes your husband and cannot no longer weasel his way out of that relationship, ladies, please show some restraint. There’s a level to being comfortable, that it starts to become uncomfortable. Here are a few things women do that irk men.

angry man

1.Nagging: This one is common. Every lady is quick to deny that they nag. “No o, I only tell him when he is wrong. We have to communicate.” There’s a fine line between communicating and nagging. When you find yourself complaining to a man about the same thing over and over again, you are nagging. If he has not apologised after the first time, simply tell him that’s what you want – an apology. If he is a good guy and sees that he is wrong, then he will do so and then you can let the matter rest. If he is not a good guy, then, well… you know what to do.

2. Jealousy: It is okay to be jealous, especially when the man gives you reason to be. But, it is not okay to be possessive and over-protective. You are always worried whenever he cannot see you, you assume every girl around him is trying to take him away from you, you are quick to call him out over every text, WhatsApp story or phone call. Madam, that fear that you are habouring will happen sooner than you know and it would not be any women, but you, chasing him off.

3. Assumption: Please ladies, always give your man the chance to explain himself. Not all men are manipulative. Sometimes, there’s a perfectly good reason why he could not pick your call all day, or why he dropped off a strange girl the other day, etc. Before you confront, take a deep breath, put yourself in his shoes, and then ask reasonably, not with assumptions already in your head.

4. Too comfortable: Ladies, be comfortable with your man. Let him see you in and out, but not on your first or second date. Please go easy on them. Do it with caution. Many men cannot stand the instant change from the prim and proper lady they met on their first date to the carefree, wig-removing lady that they are now seeing in front of them. Make it a gradual process please.

5. Buzz-Kill: Some ladies are the worst buzz-kills. Your man is ready to take you out and hangout somewhere and what do you say? “Can’t we just stay home and sleep?” Some ladies like sleep so much, yet they will be wondering why their boyfriend likes to spend more time with his guys than with them.

6. Lazy: In the name of feminism, many ladies become utterly lazy. Please be a feminist, by all means, but since we are equal, it would not kill you to help out with chores and other stuffs. He does not have to do everything alone.

7. Creating Issues Where There Are None: This is pretty obvious. Some ladies will say they spice up the relationship with random, unnecessary fights. One day, he will get tired and that thing you are looking for, you will find it.

8. Being Too Carefree: Sometimes your heart is guarded, based on experiences from past relationships, and that’s fine. But if you are going into a relationship, you’ll have to let him in a little bit. Otherwise, wait till you heal before you fully commit to the relationship. Allow him help you heal, allow your heart to heal, etc.

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