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Aquaventure opens at 9am and closes at 6pm. We wanted to have the most fun we could have. Our plan was to open the gates for them if possible but as most of our time in Dubai was, we were tired and we woke up a little late.

We had to quickly get ready and leave by 9:30am. Luckily for us, Aquaventure is on The Palms, which was where we were. We just needed to take The Palms train from the station close by to Aquaventure.

The Palms’ train starts at Gateway station and passes through The Palms all the way to The Atlantis hotel where Aquaventure is located. It’s the most direct way to get to Aquaventure.

We paid 15dirhams each to use the train to and fro. It is a bit expensive compared to the cost of public transport in Dubai.

We got into the train and couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room. The train was packed with Asians. I tend to see these guys everywhere I go. It is almost as if they are tourists of the world. One of them even had a strange conversation with my friend. I asked her what they were talking about and she said the lady was speaking her language to her. She was telling my friend that the island was big and beautiful.

To gain access to the water park, you must make your way through one of the Atlantis buildings. It is through a mini shopping mall. I believe they still wanted us to shop after spending 688dirhams to enter the water park. The price is less than that though; we took the offer that went with a meal. This was a decision we didn’t regret.

Just before getting to the ticket area, there is an aquarium called the Lost Chambers. We had seen this while we were booking but we already had plans to go to the aquarium in Dubai Mall.

We finally got to the ticket area, after resisting temptations to buy stuff on our way there.

I was so excited at this point

We get a locker for 45 Dirhams; the big lockers go for 90 Dirhams.

The aim was for me to use my phone to take pictures as we went on rides. To do this, we must get a waterproof bag. I went to the shop where its been sold and I was told it was about 100dirhams to buy one of it. That is close to 10,000Naira. I didn’t see the sense in that. Instead, we decided to go on some rides till around 3PM. We will then take my phone, take some pictures, eat, return the phone and go on the outstanding rides.

The first thing that you see once you go in is a ride made mainly for surfers. A surfing board must be used for this ride. The good thing is the ride has several coaches and life guards. Be rest assured you will be well taken care of.

We didn’t go there though, I can’t swim and I didn’t want to disgrace myself.

As we made our way into the park, we wanted to get in all the rides. One of which we sadly couldn’t enter. It is meant for kids only, but it looked fun though.

I am a child at heart
The place was empty mehn

We went on to a pyramid looking structure called The Tower of Neptune where there is the Leap of Faith and Shark Attack.

We started with the Shark Attack. To go on this ride, we needed to get a swim ring which can be found all around the park. There are two types of the rings, a single and a double one. My friend and I got the single ones.

We made our way up the stairs to about half way to the top where we took the ride. You sit on your swim ring on a convey belt that slightly pushes you down a slope into a tunnel. Because this was our first ride, it was somewhat scary because the tunnel was completely dark. We were just moving through the dark tunnel not sure where we will emerge from. It reaches a point where you get some light then it goes completely dark until you enter a mini aquarium. All around is an aquarium, you basically float through it. That was our first amazing ride.

The second one being The Leap of Faith takes you to the top of the pyramid structure, you don’t use a swim ring this time. Just imagine a slide but one that is about 9 storeys high. It’s a fast-moving slide, so try to hold your breath. You also pass through an aquarium, but I didn’t see it because my eyes were closed throughout but it was a spectacular adrenaline pumping ride.

Something funny happened before we took our Leap of Faith ride. A group of boys of about 5 took turns taking the ride. The 4th person made a hunting scream as he went down the ride. I believe this made the 5th dude scared. So he carefully moves to the side when it was his turn, he goes to a corner and I could see in his eyes, his past, present and future. He was lost I thoughts, thinking of his life. When he weighed his options and realised the ride wasn’t worth is life, he sneaked out of the place but I saw him sneak out anyways. His friends would never let him hear the last of it. I know I wouldn’t.

Now, on the same level as The leap of Faith is another swim ring ride. The only difference is this ride after taking you down the slide would also take you all around Aquaventure. I would later learn that it is about 1.6km long.

We took this awesome ride that went through rapids, more conveyor belts, passage ways, through strong currents and more.

After conquering The Tower of Neptune, we went to the main event, The Tower of Poseidon.

We came across a place to zipline on our way to the tower, but we didn’t use it because we had to pay close to 100 Dirhams.

After conquering The Tower of Neptune, we went to the main event, The Tower of Poseidon.

We came across a place to zipline on our way to the tower, but we didn’t use it because we had to pay close to 100 Dirhams.

We finally got to The Tower of Poseidon. Here there are four rides; Aquaconda, Zommerango, Slitherine and Poseidon’s revenge. We decided to go on the Aquaconda and Slitherine rides, go for lunch and do the other two after lunch.

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