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We got there at last

Even the inside was built to have a menacing look.

Aquaconda was first on our list. You sit on a big swim ring that seats about 8 people. The ride has a lot of twists and turns but the signature of this ride is a part of the ride that swings you like a pendulum.

Naija when will we reach this level??

The Slitherine ride was much calmer, probably the calmest ride we entered. It is the ride with the cream looking tube just above Aquaconda.

Seeing that our ticket covered lunch, we didn’t have to crack our brains on where and what to eat. We had two options of restaurants; we chose Barracudas.

At Barracudas, we had the option to eat from 4 sub-restaurants.

We however, only the options of burger, fries and chicken with a soft drink. So I decided to have the chicken meal and my friend went with the burger meal.

We quickly finished our food and headed back the Tower.

We first went into the Zommerango. It is similar to Aquaconda, the main difference is the last part of the ride.

A closer look would be better.

Then we went to the last one, Posiedon’s revenge. We had been dreading this ride because we had seen how it worked. As we made our way to the ride, the hunting began.

It is like on of those glass custom made coffins. It is high and damn right scary.

As I made my way to the ride, a view caught my attention. It was the home and place of the dolphin exhibitions. For an extra 70 or so thousand Naira, you can have a fun time with the dolphins.

I was first weighed then told to enter the ‘coffin’. Just beneath my feet was a glass door. The instructor told me to fold my hands and legs and the door closes. Inside, I hear ‘3 2 1’ and the door beneath my feet open and I see myself falling. All the closing of my hands and legs were gone and I found myself spreading all out. I quickly gained my composure and fold them up again but disaster struck as I got stuck in the tunnel. I was so worried, all that was going on in my head were, ‘someone can come in that tunnel with full speed now’ and ‘I will definitely be in the newspapers; Nigerian trapped in tunnel: Too scared to leave’ Just in front was what looked like a mini waterfall followed by a deep. Without thinking twice, I moved towards the waterfall and my ride continued. More high speeds and turns continued till I got to the bottom of the ride.

My friend told me she got stuck in that same place. So it seems its normal for the ride. That makes it even scarier because we weren’t told about it.

I shall forever be hunted by this ride

It was an impressive and scary ride but I was able to go through it.

We decided to go on one last ride; No not Poseidon’s revenge. We headed back to Tower of Neptune to the top floor and took the swim ring ride again through the water park.

We got off, dried up and went to chill in the beach at the water park.

As we walked along the beach, we saw a jellyfish just on the shore. The lifeguard picked it up and showed it to us.

Aquaventure Water Park was good to us. I had so much fun that I was satisfied when we left the place.

I miss this place

As the train left the park, I was able to take a wonderful picture of the famous Atlantis hotel.

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