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Address:  225 B Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

The Ambience:

I really loved the Arabian/Mediterranean theme. Outside is even more enchanting, I just forgot to take pictures. The inside of the restaurant really took me away; the artwork, the interior décor etc. I even loved the way the windows were shaped, reminded me of those Aladdin days.

The background music wasn’t what I expected. They were mainly covers from famous songs; I was expecting Arabian or Mediterranean themed songs. That would have really been the icing on the cake.

The Food:

The service was great, the waiters were really on hand to attend to our needs. The food also didn’t take time to arrive. I know this because I was really hungry.

For starters, we ordered Sambousek; it’s basically Lebanese meat pie. I enjoyed it, my only issue was liquid kept dripping out of the Sambousek. My guess is the beef mixture didn’t defrost properly. They then fried it like that with the dough, trapping the liquid inside.

My friend and I shared the starter, we didn’t want to be overwhelmed with food.

We really didn’t understand the menu. If we were going by what we saw, they only had 3 main dishes which we found strange and hard to believe. So we ordered the other meals on the menu believing they were part of the main dishes.

I ordered Mixed Grill with Saffron rice. My friend ordered Shish Taouk with beef rice.

I knew of course that it wasn’t real saffron they used. That stuff is really expensive.

We were expecting some sort of sauce with our meal to have with the rice. We even thought we ordered some sort of meat like sauce. So it was difficult to have our rice with what we were given.

Mine was worse because the rice didn’t really have taste.

We expected that the waiter would have at least advised us when we made the order

Don’t get me wrong, the meal was good. We just didn’t expect what we got. My friend even liked their special sauce.

The Judgment:

Overall, the experience was good. I really liked the interior décor above all else. I was a bit disappointed with the menu though. Mostly when I realized there was no dessert in the menu. I found it incredibly strange that a restaurant like that wouldn’t offer desserts.

The Price:

Sambousek (Deep Fried Lebanese pastry stuffed with minced lamb and pine nuts) – N2600

Mixed Grill (Selection of grilled skewers: lamb, shish taouk and kaftah marinated in special sauce with mustard) – N5800

Shish Taouk (Grilled skewers of chicken breast cube marinated in special sauce with mustard) – N4900

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