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We had to go parasailing at 11am; we were tired and jet-lagged. It was really difficult to wake up but we had to so our slot wouldn’t be taken. We got up by 9:30PM, got ready and we were out by 10:30pm.

Our plan for the day was to go parasailing, go to Jumeriah beach then go for our unlimited sushi at Samurai Sushi.

We had learned our lesson from the previous day and decided that we would use commercial transport. Because we were late, we decided to take a cab to the place; Seawake on Beach walk.

We spent 15dirhams getting there, our cheapest so far. The driver showed us a passage way to get to the beach; It is a small beach.

Seawake was just 50metres to the right from the access tunnel. We got there at 10:56am. They were already prepping another group of four for parasailing also; only two of which went parasailing. We made our payment; a total of 540 Dirhams for the two of us.

We first get on a mini boat and drifted a little into the sea then got in a bigger boat. Because they had two sets of people who wanted to parasail, we went deeper into the Dubai sea.

We initially thought that because we came second, we would go after. So, we would have had the chance to see how things were done. We were wrong, we went first.

We really didn’t know what to expect, we were sort of flying blind. They strapped us and connected our strapped gear to a smiley parachute. The gear was to act like a seat and the straps connecting us to the parachute was the handle. The parachute opens and we begin to drift in the wind as they extended the ropes connecting us to the boat. It was like flying a kite.

It was so calm that we almost didn’t even know when we were hanging a few meters from the water. The sea was calm, the breeze was calm, and we were calm. We didn’t realise when we were almost a kilometre away from the boat.

This was when we realised the rough play was getting too much. Just then, something caught my eyes in the water. It was a swarm of jellyfishes; probably one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

The parasailing ends after about 15mins and the other group do theirs. The rest of it was just a boat ride. It was like killing two birds with one stone; parasailing and a boat ride.

It is really amazing how I cannot swim, and how I have a little fear of water but I love going to the sea.

But the next part of our journey wasn’t a funny one

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