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We asked how we could get a bus to Jumeriah beach, we were directed to a bus station and told to get into the 8 bus.

As we made our way, my friend remembered that the restaurant we got a Groupon for was further away from the beach. So we decided to instead, go to the restaurant first.

We got an exciting deal; 89dirhams for unlimited sushi at a restaurant called Sushi Samurai for two people.

After a long walk, we found a bus stop and soon after the 8 bus shows. We tell the driver we wanted to get to Jumeriah beach and asked how much it would cost. He tells us we need to get a ticket from the station. We asked were and he pointed us back to the direction we came. We had to make the annoying walk back but as we did, we realised that there was no station in sight. So, we asked a bike man who directed us back to the bus stop. He told us the station is across the road from the bus stop. We had to walk back again and we were fortunate to find it this time.

We go in and tell this really nice worker at the train station that we wanted to go to Jumeriah beach. He helps us get the tickets and tells us to instead follow a train, drop off at a station and get a bus from there to the beach. He went as far as using his phone to check where our restaurant was. He told us it was further away from the beach as we had thought.

Oh yeah, we didn’t get a sim. So we didn’t have access to the internet. This is an issue that would come back to bite us again and again.

We got into the right train, stopped at the right bust sop, Al Sofou if I can recall. Then we got the 8 bus and told him to drop us off at the beach. A few minutes later, he told us of our stop and directed us on how to get to the beach.

We had decided to go to the Sushi restaurant first; we were on the street anyways. We began to walk and soon realised that we may have been too over ambitious. We started walking at around house number 870 and we were going to number 400 and something. We had walked for about 20 minutes and we were still in the 800s. So we saw a bike guy and asked him for directions. He checked his maps and told us we were about 7KM away. We decided to walk about a kilometre then get a cab. Which was what we did; Finally, Sushi.

I was so hungry and thirsty here

We were given a specific menu that applied to the deal we got.

we tried everything on this menu

We began the ordering and ended up ordering three rounds. We couldn’t finish the last round. It was just too much, our Ojukokoro was beyond us.

They asked us if we wanted water, after seeing that it cost about 400 Naira for one bottle, we told them not to worry. My friend did have some water with her. We had some when we left the restaurant as we made our way to the beach.

We walked for about a kilometre, then we got a cab to take us all the way. This made us pay less for the ride.

I remember telling my friend as we walked into the beach that if we were in Lagos, we would have paid a gate fee to enter the beach. It isn’t as if they use the money to clean the beach anyways, they probably use it to drink and smoke. Our mindset needs to change.

I expected Jumeriah beach to be bigger/longer. Maybe because I have gotten used to Lagos’s beaches being generally big.

The water was so cold

Our main aim for coming to the beach was really to see the famous Burj Al Arab. Truthfully, I wasn’t impressed; mainly because I had high hopes. I expected it to be better and more awe inspiring.

We spent the next 1 hour or so playing in the water and sleeping on the beauty sands. We were really tired at this point and we knew the next day would be more demanding. So at around 5pm, we decided to head back home.

We took the 8 bus and this time, we dropped close-ish to our place. We had to walk for about 20 mins to our apartment. Along the way, we really realised how relatively small the city was. We could literally see the whole city. The roads make the city larger than it is, with all the curves and the U-turns not being as regular as we have gotten used to. The walk was great regardless, it gave us the opportunity to really soak in the city.

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