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These are the champions

The master
The best
The champions

The next stage began on Tuesday, 12th of February, THE ROUND OF 16.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are a few matches away from the final.

At this point in the season, all teams come out guns blazing for the trophy.

Manchester United V Paris Saint-Germain F.C.


With the appointment of the Norwegian ex champions league ’99 winner, OLE GUNNAR SOLSJAEK, Man. United have seen a sudden bust of constant WWWWWWWWW. The Norwegian manager has broken records in just the few games which he had been in charge. Although he is going to debut his in champions league against the French giants, PSG.

Man untied fans still are gassed at the challenge of the champions’ league. Recovering from the “José third season “effect under OGS. Pogba has come to the form of his life. The French star has now begun to shine brightest for the English club. Also, OLE has seemed to reform Rashford, the english young talent. Rashford has just been named Manchester United’s player of the month. The whole team is moving like a well oiled machine on the straight path to a very good season.

PSG , Geants de France. After years of dominating Lige 1 and the French Cup, could this year be the year for UEFA champions league ? With the acquisition of Mbappe, the golden boy of his generation already with the World cup under his belt. The star that was part of the team which challenged PSG while in AS MONACO a few years back.

The golden boy has been joined by the Brazilian superstar Neymar. Neymar who comes loaded with champions’ league winners’ medal and 50 + goals in champions league goals to the French capital. Combined with the EL matador from Uruguay, Edison Cavani. The current PSG side aiming to overpower all their opponents with their supreme attacking front trio.
Sadly, Neymar is out for both legs of the match as the attacker has been injured. A very similar injury which kept him out for a lengthy period last season. Also, his South American teammate is out , Cavani. The attack is left to Mbappe look for goals solo.

The match will be a battle between two pure attacking teams with intent to win and progress on the road to the next stage.

Man. United are a team on Red hot form charging down like the Sir Fergie days are back in the reincarnation of OLE GUNNAR.
Unbeaten under OGS
POGBA is shinning like the Sun , red burning form
Martial kicking goals in corners
P SG a team with millions of pounds on investments into the whole team , especially in the attack with Mbappe , a world cup winner and golden boy , a gem for French football.

The money has brought success but success isn’t complete without the ultimate cup, the champions’ leagues. The money hasn’t yielded anything yet.
No Neymar
Cavani out
No midfielders.

After last season’s blazing season in the champions league, for the first time in a long time, Kopites (Liverpool fans) are scared of no one and no team.
Having the African player of the year, FIFA puskas award, PFA players player of the year and a lots more, MOHAMMED SALAH.
Liverpool have gone on to have a fear factor who had an amazing season beyond the doubts and is still kicking this season.

Combined with the Senegalese beast, Sadio Mane, who scored against Real Madrid in the final last season. A Man who has burst of energy going forward and tracking back , helping to score and assist as Liverpool are race as title contenders this season in the prem. League.

The false 9 striker, Bobby Firmino has really been a shadow of himself , he still scores no doubt but still helps to bring more than just goals and assist to his team mates. His work rate has made him a valuable member of the attack and style in which Liverpool play. Not to mention the absolutely brilliant defender and leader at the back in VVG, Virgil Van Dijk , added with a GK , Alisson Becker, who is far from blunders as clubs previous GKs. Klopp has finally brought a team that can shut you out and attack you with 100%.

Under Klopp, Liverpool are aiming higher in every competition they are in. the German has brought his beautiful speed form of attacking to the prem. And back to champs league. He has just been ill of luck at finals, losing in 2012/2013 to Bayern and Real Madrid last season. Klopp has been so close but the glory seems to SLIP ( LMAO NO STEVEN G. PUN INSTEADED) at the final moments for him.

Klopp and his boys are running full speed ahead to the final in the hope
To grab a second chance to get the cup!
Can Bayern stop them ?


Bayern Munich, German Kings, five time winners of this competition.
Sure favorites to get to final and win. So you would think, right?
Wrong, Bayern under the new Coach, Kovac, Have come to have a very
dull and difficult season by their own standards especially in Bunasliga ,
Where rivals BVB are ahead leading the defending champions and have left them to chase after this year’s top spot. Just like the end of an era, the German team have seemed to struggle since winning the competition in 2013 and securing a treble.

Pep had tried, Ancelotti also came and left. The club was forced to recall the great manager, Heynckes for a temporary rescue mission, he did save their season but wasn’t able to get to the crack the champions’ league champions Real Madrid.
This year seems to be even worse as the change in coaching style isn’t as effective as Pep or Heynckes. Only Lewy has managed to come through and continue scoring but even he struggles in champions’ league when it seems to matter.

The fast and mercurial Wingers in Robben and Ribery have come to announce the last season of their 9+ year stay at Bayern , the stunning duo have been on a decline for a while with injuries and age being major factors Bayern have come to realize that the era is truly coming to an end with the loss of the two legends.

Investment have been made in A Canadian young star, who might been seen as a future star but currently lacks the stripes to carry Bayern alone. Other players seems to struggle with injuries especially the midfielders and wingers , thiago and coman to be specific, also Manuel Neure has been struggling with form and injuries , he has lost his spot in the eyes of the world , as he isn’t rated highly as before. With Matt Hummels also showing lack of world level defending also , the former winners seem to struggle against fast oppositions.

Despite all said, Bayern have invested in young players with very huge potentials. Sule, Leon and Gnabry who seem to be doing fine filing where old boots have left behind. Also , James Rodriguez who was a shinning beacon last season after scoring against his parent club Real Madrid has struggles to come to light this season due to the change in managers but has in the last few games building up to the Liverpool game has begun to shine ! scoring, assisting and creating chances.
The game is set !

Klopp is out for blood, like a shark smelling the faintest scent of blood in the water. Will Liverpool be ruthless?
Are Bayern going to pull a sucker punch?

5 time champions England vs. 5 time champions from Germany

The fixtures dates for both legs :

• February 2019
Tuesday 12th February
Manchester United VS Paris Saint-Germain
Roma VS FC Porto

Wednesday 13th February
Ajax VS Real Madrid
Tottenham Hotspur VS Borussia Dortmund

Tuesday 19th February
Liverpool VS Bayern Munich
Lyon VS Barcelona

Wednesday 20th February
Atletico Madrid VS Juventus
Schalke VS Manchester City
March 2019
Tuesday 5th March
Borussia Dortmund VS Tottenham Hotspur
Real Madrid VS Ajax

Wednesday 6th March
FC Porto VS AS Roma
Paris Saint-Germain VS Manchester United

Tuesday 12th March
Juventus VS Atletico Madrid
Manchester City VS Schalke

Wednesday 13th March
Barcelona VS Lyon
Bayern Munich VS Liverpool

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