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The last time Chinasa came to my place, she had my empanadas and for the next few months, she kept reminding me of it. She really liked the empanadas and wanted me to make for her again.

After months of disturbance from Chinasa, I decided to invite her over for a full course meal. It did come with a twist; I told her to tell me what her starter, main and dessert would be. I knew it would be a little difficult for her; I was right. She only told me of the starter which was Empanadas of course.

She did get her empanadas with a nice chilled drink as the starter.

I used a different design pattern for the empanadas. I remembered being nervous as I wasn’t sure if it would come out how I wanted it to; it did come out well. I even liked it from the top view.

For the main course, all Chinasa told me was that she wanted a corn meal.

I got this beautify big chunk of meat and marinated it with salt, vinegar and pepper for a few hours. I slowly baked the meat at 100 degrees for about 4 hours.

Then allowed it to cool and marinated it with brown sugar and herbs. I baked at 180 degrees for 1 hour. The result was just heavenly.

The inside was so well-cooked.

This was served with roasted corn and lightly fried yellow bell peppers in brown sugar.

I sprinkled some suya spice on the chopped meat.

The only drink that was right for this was a nice chilled mint and lime infused water.

Chinasa thought this was the climax, little did she know that we were just half way.

Now, Chinasa didn’t tell me what she wanted for dessert. Luckily for her, I was trying out something new, Opera Cake.

This was the first time I was making the cake, so I believe I have the rights to make a few mistakes here and there. I am not there yet but when I eventually get the perfect Opera cake, I will share my recipe.

A mistake I made was the almond sponge cake layer. I went with a recipe that didn’t use baking powder or soda and I ended up with a flat soggy looking cake. So I know next time, I will use baking powder just to give it that spongy feel.

The drink on the hand was spectacular. I made a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream topping and sprinkled some cocoa powder on top.

It was movie time and what is a movie without popcorn?

We popped the corn using a microwave. We added oil and sugar to it.

Then I boiled sugar and added some milk and butter to the sugar, poured it on the popcorn and stirred.

I had forgotten that I put a lot of sugar in the initial stages of popping the corn. So imagine how sweet our popcorn was.

We still loved it all the same.

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