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Consumer Reports’ Top 7 Most Reliable Cars In Nigeria

The speed with which a car’s engines can operate or how attractive the car is are both indicators of its reliability. The strength, ruggedness, and longevity of a vehicle are all factors in determining its reliability. Most cars can last for up to five years after purchase, after which they begin to acquire unanticipated faults. Maybe that’s the kind of vehicle you’ve been saving up for. Because everyone knows how unfriendly Nigerian roads are, I would tell you that reliable cars are the ideal cars to use in Nigeria.

Everyone has their own sense of what defines a trustworthy car. For some, a car that starts every morning and just requires minor maintenance once a year is sufficient. Drivers demand more from pricey cars with high-performance towing and fast acceleration. Then there are many who believe that a vehicle isn’t reliable until it has traveled over 200,000 miles. 

Here are the 20 most reliable cars of the decade

1. Toyota Camry

For a generation, midsize sedans dominated the Nigerian market, and they continue to do so now. Since 1993, the Toyota Camry has been the industry’s best-selling vehicle (excluding trucks). Even if the all-new Honda Accord manages to dethrone Camry in 2018, it’s easy to see why Toyota’s midsize rock has dominated the segment for so long. Every vehicle year between 2002 and 2017, Camry received Consumer Reports’ highest reliability rating.

2. Lexus ES

Since 2008, the Lexus ES has never had a reliability rating lower than the best. In 11 years, neither testers nor owners detected defects in the engine, gearbox, electricals, or fuel system, according to the figures. Drivers may wish for more oomph in a car based on the Toyota Camry, but if dependability is a priority, the ES is unrivaled among luxury cars.

3. Toyota RAV4

How does a company maintain the highest reliability ratings for ten years in a row? At the assembly factory, it takes a near-perfect design and consistent execution. Toyota discovered the sweet spot with their popular crossover, which is built at a Canadian plant with about half Japanese parts. Since 2012, neither testers nor RAV4 owners have filed a serious complaint about the vehicle. Both the 2013 and 2016 redesigns went off without a hitch.

4. Toyota Highlander

If you’re keeping track at home, Consumer Reports has given the Toyota Highlander the highest reliability rating for nine of the ten versions released since 2009. (In its tenth year, the SUV received an above-average rating.) Buyers looking for a three-row SUV in 2018 should take a test drive in a new Highlander, but keep in mind that this is a for the long haul.

5. Lexus RX

While luxury manufacturers such as Land Rover and Alfa Romeo have poor dependability ratings, Lexus has been one of the decade’s top marques. RX is a great example of this. Every year between 2010 and 2015, Consumer Reports gave this crossover the highest rating. Although the infotainment system on the debut (’16) model may annoy customers, the 2016 update did little to reverse that reputation.

6. Honda Accord

Any questions regarding the Honda Accord vanished after it received the highest possible reliability rating for seven consecutive years. There hasn’t been a single recurring complaint about the midsize vehicle since 2014, according to testers and consumers. With a new model set to hit the market in 2018, Honda will have to satisfy both testers and owners once more, although every prior model from this decade has a spotless record.

7. Toyota Corolla

Check out some of Toyota’s top models to see why it consistently ranks near the top in vehicle manufacturer reliability. Since 2010, the Corolla, which has been the definition of a vanilla compact car for decades, has come close to ideal in its ratings. The 2014 makeover improved fuel economy more than ever, making it a superb used car to buy.

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