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A lot of us have some time in our lives experienced the headache, nausea, tiredness or diarrhea that comes from having a bit too much alcohol to drink right? Hangovers are simply the our body system telling us we’ve over done it.

If you fall into the category that thinks a harmless glass of wine or liquor wont trigger it then thank your stars you got to see this piece.

The amount of sleep you’ve had prior to your drinks, The amount of food and water in your system, the type of alcohol consumed and the time interval among other factors can determine the severity of your hangover.

There have been so many tested ways to cure the uncomfortable symptoms that come with hangovers but we have been able to highlight the fastest possible way to reduce its effect.

Drink in moderation or don’t drink at all

Did you know the recommended amount of daily Beer consumption is 70 cl of 5% alcohol volume, 28cl of 12% volume alcohol for wine and 10cl of 40% alcohol volume for distilled spirit of liquor.

Asides from hangovers, alcohol has been proven to cause severe heat and liver diseases when taken in excess.

Choose your poison wisely

If you must drink, then you should be aware of how the after effects of what you are consuming would be.

For example, Vodka’s, Distilled Gin and alcoholic drinks without congeners cause hangovers less frequently unlike Darker coloured alcoholic drinks which contain other chemicals including methanol.

Take Painkillers

This doesn’t just help with the headaches and body pains, it also relaxes the brain. A tablet or two of Panadol would do the trick.

You shouldn’t experiment with painkillers when experiencing a hangover. Make sure you’re taking a dose your body is used to.

Have a Kings Meal

Drinking lowers the blood sugar levels which makes the brain and some other body functions work in stressed conditions that lead to eventual headaches or body pains.

Banana’s, Eggs, Watermelon, Meat, Nuts and sweet potatoes just to mention a few, are foods rich in vitamins that can help replenish the body’s lost juice during a hangover.

Washing your meal down with Ginger & honey tea or Sprite has been proven to work wonders as well.

Get some rest

This is not me saying sleeping is the ultimate cure for hangovers, but less sleep worsens the symptoms.

If after noticing your hangover and you’ve either taken a pain killer or restored lost electrolytes by eating or drinking, resting would help expedite the hangover relief process.

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