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Africa, like other continents, has evolved over time and is known far and wide for some interesting reasons – some facts are: being the originator of civilization, composed language, and the strange antiquated Egyptian Pyramids. Aside from these, there are other things we feel you’d find interesting, about the beautiful continent of Africa:

  • The oldest human remains were found in Ethiopia, which is approximately 200,000 years of age.
  • Africa has the world’s longest river, the Nile (4,132 miles). The Nile goes through 11 nations in Africa.
  • The South African Rovos Rail is viewed as the most luxurious train on the planet.
  • While Egypt is prominent everywhere throughout the world for its pyramids, the Republic of Sudan really has almost 223 pyramids, twofold the quantity of pyramids in Egypt.
Nubian Pyramids
  • The shortest distance between Africa and Europe is just 8.9 miles (14.3 kilometers) of sea. This is found between the Morrocan and Spanish outskirts.
  • Tanzania, Africa, has the world’s most astounding Albinism rates. In the nation, Pale skinned persons are chased by witchdoctors to utilize their organs for customs accepted to recuperate sicknesses and heal diseases.
  • Practically 50% of the gold at any point mined on Earth has originated from a solitary spot – Witwatersrand, South Africa.
  • Victoria Falls in Zambia is known to be the largest sheet of falling water on the planet.
  • There’s a Pink Lake in Zambia called lake Retba
Lake Retba
  • Lagos is the biggest city on the continent. The city has over 1.5 times the number of residents in New York, which makes it straightforward that Lagos is genuinely a megacity. The legislature says that the city is home to around 17.5 million individuals, however different evaluations accept that number to be around 21 million.
  • World human advancement started in Africa. The Pharaonic civilization of old Egypt is the most established educated development. As per verifiable records, the Egyptian state goes back to around 3300 B.C.
  • Almost half of all the world’s remaining mineral resources are found in Africa.
  • Nearly 21 nations internationally are delegated “high-fertility”, where the average lady has at least five kids over her lifetime. These nations represent nine percent of the total populace, and 19 of them are in Africa, of which the biggest are Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania and Uganda.
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