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Our plan was to leave around 6pm but the sleep was too sweet, we ended up leaving at 7pm.

We ordered for an Uber. Most of the cabs in Dubai are Lexus brands by the way.

The driver told us of places we could visit and how exciting Dubai could be. I didn’t want to break his heart by telling him we already have plans for the whole trip.

My friend and I were gisting but soon stopped when we noticed the guy was listening to our conversations because he kept correcting us if we made certain mistakes about Dubai.

We sadly spent another 110dirhams to Global Village. At this point, I can say we had spent the amount needed to travel to Abuja in just 2 cab trips. We began to think of how we could save money; this wasn’t how we planned to spend our money.

We put that behind us at that point as we entered Global Village. We first had to pay the entrance fee, which was 15dirhams.

This place is massive

Global Village is one of those places you just have to visit while in Dubai. The sad part is it doesn’t open all year round. It opens from November to April. Because we were there in March, the place was packed. Everyone was trying to experience the last few days before Global Village would be closed.

Now Global Village is like a city on its own. There are entrances to ‘countries’ These entrances are marvelous structures that represent the countries. The first country you would see is of course United Arab Emirates. Going into one of these countries would take you to a market place where you can buy all sorts of things that generally originate from that country.

For Africa, we had just 2 countries, that I saw at least; Egypt and Morocco.

Then there is an African ‘country’ called Africa. We went to the African market place and had to leave as soon as we got in. We Africans are the same everywhere. They can be convincing at times; they made my friend buy a few things she didn’t budget for.

So creepy looking

We went on to go to other countries to see how diverse they are. It is amazing what is out there

Like I said, the place is massive, so we walked quite the distance.

We were able to buy a few things here and there as we made our way around.

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