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Food! Food!! Food!!!

The food there was something else. There had food stands along the roads, food sold in the countries spaces and restaurants all around.

We were clearly hungry, so we decided to look for what to eat but because we were also tired and were processing all the information coming to us, we found it difficult to find what to eat. There was just so much food; a lot of options to choose from.

One thing we had always said we were going to buy was charcoal ice-cream. It was excitement all around when we found it. We got a scoop for 15dirhams each. It tasted spectacular; I just couldn’t place the kind of flavour it had. It was just unique.

Warning: When eat, be prepared for what comes out the other end

We needed proper food though, so our search continued. We ended up in a restaurant called Bosnian House. It looked like a proper Arabian themed restaurant and my friend wanted Kebab; it was the perfect place to go to.

Our food didn’t take long to arrive. I liked that regardless of the number customers they had, they were still able to comport themselves to offer great service.

Food can be cheap, depending on where you look

The food was so much that we had to get it wrapped up. We will spend another two days eating the food, food we spent 52 Dirhams to get.

The last snack we had on our way was churros with chocolate dip. My friend had been craving churros for a while and saw the opportunity to get some.

And I am lactose intolerant oo

Just at the back of the Village is a small theme park. For an average of about 30 Dirhams, you can get on some amazing rides. Seeing that we didn’t have that much, we decided to go on just 2 rides; two scary rides if I might add.

We went on the first awesome ride; we enjoyed it. It basically just spins you about 20 metres above the ground.

The second ride was unexpected. My friend had been in a similar one in Winter Wonderland in the UK. So, she knew what was up; I didn’t. The ride went up first, we were able to see the whole Global Village and more. It then span slowly a few times to for us to see all around us. I remember showing my friend the different places we had been, and we would go to but she remained quiet, for she knew what was to come.

When the fall came, I felt it in my bones. I was short of words, I didn’t speak for minutes because of the shock. It was an almost 50 metre drop; I didn’t expect it. My friend laughed at me for the next few minutes, but that ride was something else; That Drop…

I developed a fear of heights for a few days, after my Dubai trip

The whole Village had different events/shows going on all around. Like I said, there was just too much information. This is one of those places where you must go more than once to do specific things.

You can find all the events for that day on their site. The events/shows vary with time. When we got in, there was a stunt show that was about to begin.

We were late and couldn’t see anything, so we had to leave. The African show was grander and more revealing; typical. So, it was easy to watch from afar. Almost all countries had shows they did in front of their country.

Other shows had their standalone buildings and would need to pay to see them.

There is a stage where artists perform. We were fortunate enough to watch some artists perform. They seemed like famous artists though because everyone knew their songs.

Tiwa of Dubai?

Global Village was a blast. It made us forget all our money issues and concentrate on the rich culture Dubai had to offer us. It was somewhat sad saying good bye to it because even if we wanted to, we couldn’t return.

We now had to make our way back home. It is around 11pm by this time. A cab guy came to us and asked where we were going. We told him and he said it would be around 120 Dirhams. We asked him to show us where we can get other taxis. He tells us it is going to be the same thing, but he showed us anyways.

We made our way there and saw some buses. We asked one of the drivers if his bus passes The Palms and he said no. We went to the next bus and asked the same question. He said the bus we just went to passes The Palm and the bus just left. At this point, we decided to just get a cab.

We were at least happy when we got to our place and realised that the metre read 78 Dirhams. That’s better than 120 Dirhams.

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