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It’s no news that in the auto world 2018 was 2019 for us, as Lagosian decided to up the game with everything 2019, from the Rolls- Royce to Mercedes and other expensive cars, it was indeed 2019ful.

From the likes of Chairman of Orange Drugs Limited, Sir Tony Anthony Ndubisi Ezenna, who commissions 2019 earlier with his two tone 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII in premier silver and anthracite.

And of course, the Money Bag Himself E-Money CEO 5 Star Music

Had it double I mean he was in the half quarter of 2019 when we were still in 2018, first gifting himself a 2019 Mercedes Benz and treated his wife to royalty to a Phantom VII.

After all crowning all his effort, man had to treat himself to the best, to the No 1 car ever built, the most silent car to ever grace the surface of the earth the 2019 Phantom VIII

Somewhere in Lagos, even before the money bag, someone else had been daily a 2019 G-class, and wasn’t tired of flaunting it around for all to see.

And far from Lagos Chico in Port-Harcourt caught the bug and also joined the league with his own 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII

Indeed, it was all painted in Phantoms and somewhere in Anambra state, another one spotted, I personally felt the Igbo’s took it serious as most of the cars are literally owned by them and from a close source they are over 15 of the Phantom VIII in Nigeria and Lagos is the house to 13.

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