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“You smell like a brewery!” is most likely not what most drinkers would like to hear from their close pals, relatives or colleagues, after a couple of drinks. As awesome and cool as drinking alcohol may seem, it sometimes leaves behind what is commonly known as booze/alcohol breath which refers to the bad breath, or halitosis, caused by prior consumption of alcohol.

Not only is this embarrassing and unprofessional, depending on the setting, it also sometimes creates an unnecessary cause for concern. This can grossly affect the way your performance is evaluated. You could be as sober as Judge Judy, but if that booze is still on your breath, you’re “still drunk” to the people around.

Alcohol breath comes from an internal reaction to the beverage you ingest, and it is sometimes, difficult to eliminate. As you take in alcohol, the body does not digest it like other foods and drinks. It is absorbed into your system and works as a toxin. Finally then taken up to the liver to metabolize and process the alcohol out of your system. It takes about an hour for the liver to metabolize a drink, and in the meantime, the toxins permeate the body, blood, and brain.

Alcohol enters the lungs through the blood and this is where alcohol breath originates. The odor has a rather sweet and specific aroma. The odor of alcohol breath is similar, whether the alcohol is wine, beer, or whiskey.

There are solid tips on how to get rid of the smell of alcohol, so as not to be labelled a drunk; some of which includes;

1. Early morning workouts

Having an early morning workout make it possible to remove toxins from your body through excess perspiration. Another method of giving off alcohol breath is through your sweat from your pores. Technically alcohol breath can come from your skin as well as from your mouth.

2. Body lotion and baby powder

Alcohol does not just affect your breath. It also seeps through your pores, causing a boozy scent to come from your body. Take a warm shower in the morning or night after drinking with a strong smelling soap, then apply some body lotion, massage oil and/or baby powder, which may help eliminate or lessen the smell of alcohol.

3. Mouth wash

This is a very basic method that can be used to remove the smell of liquor from your mouth. However, it won’t eliminate the alcohol smell coming from your stomach, throat and skin. Use a mouthwash with a strong minty or fruity smell. After brushing, take the prescribed amount in your mouth and swish it around in your mouth for the recommended time, usually 30 seconds for fresh and clean-smelling breath.

4. Garlic

Garlic may not play well with a lot of people around, because of its probing smell, but it is better than the smell of alcohol. Upon consumption, the smell of garlic stays with you for a long time and even emanates from your stomach and skin pores, making this a highly effective remedy to mask or eliminate alcohol odor from every possible source in your body. However, this method is not advisable if you have an important meeting or a date, as garlic breath can be as off-putting as stale alcohol odor.

5. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be used to mask foul mouth odour, such as the smell of booze on your breath. Preferably, pick a sour-flavoured chewing gum or a minty one and not a sweet one. The tartness of the sour gum will cause your salivary glands to produce more saliva, which will help eliminate the alcohol smell from your breath. Toss some minty gum in your pocket to use throughout the day. Don’t chew the same piece of gum for too long because gum quickly loses its flavour and smell. You will need to refresh every hour or so.

6. Drinking in moderation

The more you drink, the more problems you have to deal with – like a terrible hangover and overwhelming alcohol breath. In the same vein, the less you drink, the less stench you have to deal with emanating from your mouth and body.

7. Lemon juice

The acid in lemon juice prevents the growth of oral bacteria, and its pleasant citrus smell helps mask unpleasant odours like bad breath or alcohol breath.

8. Drinking coffee all day long

Most people think coffee is not a good hangover cure, but this drink is a great way to mask last night’s boozing. The stronger, the better. Only thing is you’d be needing more than one cup, over the course of the day.

If you notice you have alcohol breathe, ensure to apologize immediately to anyone who has pointed it out to you. An immediate solution would usually be chewing gum, and then mouth wash, if available.

Our advise? Ensure that if you know you have somewhere important to be, you drink in moderation.

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