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Not everyone is great at pulling off the ‘cool guy’ look. Fact is, being cool is more than a look or a style, it is a personality thing. It comes from within. It is possible to look sophisticated and expensive, but not be cool, just as it is possible to have cheap clothes on and still come off as cool… I think.

Being cool is actually important to get around in the society. The cool people live the life – Simple. Anyway, if you’re shy or just, well, not cool, there’s a hack to it. There are ways to fake it till you make it…


Confidence: First things first, cool people are confident. They know themselves, they like themselves and they have a relaxed attitude towards life. Learn to be confident in yourself. and how do you do this? Check #2 below.

Be informed: There’s a huge difference between being informed and being educated. Even the best, most expensive schools have students in the “not cool” category, so obviously, good education does not equal cool education. Cool people are characteristically able to make conversations in almost any topic thrown at them in a gathering and it is not because they really know all these things. They are just well-informed enough to make even small, but salient conversations, making them sound intelligent.

Fashion: Obviously, your fashion game has to be at least on a relatable level if you will be considred cool and no one is talking about price tags here. You can wear cheap clothes, but combine them to look super expensive. Like I said, fake it till you make it. Check your colour combinations, patterns, fabric, hair cut, shoes, etc. Just make it look like you spent a few minutes in front of the mirror before you left your house – even if you didn’t. Try to keep abreast with ongoing trends in fashion. If you are confused, just follow @denolagrey or @alexxekubo on Instagram. They have a way of combining simple outfits and making them look super classy.

alexx ekubo

Social Media: When I mentioned being informed, how did you think you were going to achieve that? By reading newspapers? Newspapers are great, but believe me, the best ways to stay informed would be through Twitter and Instagram. Twitter for the bants and Instagram for great pictures and videos. This will help you join conversations easily when people are talking about #MeToo or some other trend. This one is #JoinTheConversation.

Besides just being there for the bants, you also need to clean up your own social media space, starting with your handle. You can’t be looking cool and someone asks you for your Twitter handle and it is not even a word you can pronounce, or you begin the name with some random symbol, making yourself hard to search out on social media. Find a name that means something to you and make it your handle. From there, delete all your old “uncool” pictures (you’ll know them when yo see them), and start taking great photos, preferably with a phone that has a great camera. Borrow if you must, but please close the chapter to your blurry photos taken from weird angles.

Lastly, Act Natural: So you’ve bought into this whole being cool thing, the next thing is to not look like you are acting out of a book. Be natural about your coolness. Keep calm, make it part of you, watch a lot of James Bond movies, while keeping Michael B. Jordan in mind, and you’ll probably have the perfect combination of cool. It has to be a perfect blend.

Honourable Mentions:

Music: I left this one out because, music is art and everyone is allowed their preference in songs, genre and artistes. You can be Gothic cool, romantic cool, etc, by your choice of music, so it really doesn’t matter what music you listen to, just make sure you listen to something and try to know enough about your artistes. Conversations may come up and you would have to defend your love for them so be prepared.

Movies: I was tempted to put this as one of the basic ones, because Marvel, DC and Game of Thrones are extremely important in the cool people kingdom. To me, you cannot be cool if you are not a fan of any one of those three. But in reality, you cannot judge people based on their choice of movie. Like music, movie is art, so you have a right to your choices. But just to help you make that choice, cool people discuss GOT and Marvel.

Speech: Uhmm, I also did not put this in the list because, well, how you speak can hardly be changed. Maybe it can improve, but please don’t fake an accent. Just try to make the right sentences as much as you can and maybe there’s hope, but if you speak questionable English, well…

If you are one of the cool ones, please add your tips in the comments section below…

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