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So you finally scored a date with your crush and your blood is hot (means you are super excited). Slow down and think for a minute. Does a first date mean there will be other dates? Will this date lead other greater dates? The answers to all these questions are completely dependent on how you handle your first date so please take note of these points. We’ve got your back always!

late date

Be Timely:

Nothing speaks disrespect faster than showing up late for your first date. Whether you are meant to pick her up or you both are meant to meet at a venue, you have to be there in time. Might even be cute for her to meet you there already holding a cup of coffee for her or an ice cream or some flowers, if she is into those. Just show up on time.

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Dress to Impress:

Many people want their date to like them for who they really are and want to be real and bla bla bla. Please keep kwayet and dress appropriately. You cannot show up scruffy for a date and expect her to like you for you are. Who are you? A thug? As much as you want to be real, it only makes sense for you to look presentable. Iron your shirt, do not wear slippers or sandals, dress very appropriately for the venue, get a hair cut, trim your beards, just look good. Make the effort, so she can at least meet you half way.


There is no hard and fast rule for this, but it is cute to pay a compliment or two to her when you both meet up. “Your hair looks so beautiful”; “Wow, you look so much more beautiful in person”; “Nice dress”, are all random compliments you can tell her when you both meet up. It is a first date, it does a lot of good to a girl’s ego to know that she appeals to the person she is meeting, so don’t be stingy with those compliments.


Okay, so you have scaled the dress and time obstacles, now you have to maintain the date. Some people are better at phone conversations than real life conversations. I’m sorry but the harsh reality is that if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, you might be single for a really long time. It will be really boring for a girl to sit across from you at a restaurant and just eat her food with nothing said between you two but a very awkward silence. Starting a conversation is not that hard really. Practice a few lines from home; make fun of your quietness (“I’m sorry, it seems I am better with our conversations while chatting than real life. Why am I so tongue tied?” ) and she will laugh. There, conversation has started. Talk about the food (not the price), talk about her. Make sure you keep the conversation centered around her as much as possible. Try not to be self conceited.


Now, with the 21st century feminism, many guys think they should not have to foot the bill anymore when they go on a date. Oh boy, how wrong you are. Yes ladies want women empowerment and all those feminist points, but trust me, if you are inviting a girl out, you better be ready to pay. If she offers to pay, refuse first and if she insists, let her know how impressed you are by her independence (that gets into their heads and you might be getting another date soon). Yes, it is a mature thing to do to split the bill, but if you want to do that, ensure you tell her before hand. This could even let you know the kind of girl she is before the date. So, please allow her enjoy herself at your expense on your first date. Subsequently, she can pay but not the first date. It is just a gentlemanly thing to do to boost your ego and score points in her good books.

If you can ace all the points above, then you my friend, are going to get a call back for a second date and then who wins? You of course.

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