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Fashion has evolved from the regular LBD (Little Black Dress), to a little black, a little something and a little something more. These days, a simple short black dress just won’t do, sometimes, more is more. Go big or go home!

And one person that has shown a great understanding of this new fashion mantra is Big Brother Naija season 3 star, Bamike Olawunmi, popularly called Bam Bam.

She just knows what fits her and more importantly, when black is all the colour that’s required.

Check out this style profile of the growing style blazer:

bam bam

We’ll begin with this chic, fabulous, look that works for a date, work, red carpets and more. Take your eyes away from the dazzling shoes for a moment and focus them on the green bag and gold belt rightly paired with the dress. Definition of “Give Dem!”

I think the most fascinating thing about this outfit is that it was worn to a Campari Red Party. But look, there’s nothing red about her outfit. Now, this is a stylish warning to all ladies, when a party is themed following a colour, it does’t always mean you have to show up looking like you were the reason the party was themed that way. Sometimes, it is the meaning behind the colour that matters. Red stands for many things, one of which is passion, now look at that dress Bam Bam is rocking above – pure passion!

bam bam

Back to the LBD, you’ll notice that this does not only have black roving around it. Here, she is in a little black dress quite alright, but check out the colour coordination from her feet to her dress, how they meet and how they contrast at the same time. It’s all about the style, ladies.

bam bam

Black may stand for elegance, but it also likes to have fun and play. So yeah, rocking casual all black jeans and a blouse like Bammy above, would elevate your outfit from casual to elegant casual, and who does not like to look elegant?

bam bam

Yasss! Step into the club like this and you will turn heads for sure – guys and girls’. The metallic jacket is all you need to modify your entire all black outfit, so stock up on those as well.

That’s style inspiration from Bam Bam… watch and learn!

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