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It is one thing to slide into someone’s Direct Message (DM) and another story entirely not to be blocked, sent out of that DM or insulted. It takes enough courage to slide into that DM at all, not to add an embarrassment to it. Worse, your DM could end up on Instablog9ja for the world to judge and dissect you and everything you stand for. So if you are considering sliding into any DMs or you have in the past and they have not worked out, here are tips to turn your situation around for the better:

sliding into DMs

Don’t do Hi’s or Hello’s: You’ll wonder, well, how do we start a conversation then? I’ll get to that in a bit. But, if you are one of those people that want to strike up a conversation via chats or DMs and you write a plain old ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ and wait for a response, darling, you may be waiting a really long while, if you don’t get instantly blocked. Yes, girls are not smiling and boys now have standards (no offence boys).

Get straight to the point: One thing that always generates a response at least, favourable or otherwise, is a DM that communicates. Forget the Hi’s and Hello’s. If you want to DM a person, please be direct about it (thought the name ‘Direct Message’ would have given this away, but alas, here we are). If you’re texting because she is hot, say it. Might work in your favour that you’re bold – bold not rude, be mindful of your choice of words. And if you are texting him to ask him out on a date, say it. Don’t beat around the bush.

Find a common ground: Sending a DM is like going on a first date. You are speaking to the person one-on-one for the first time and you have to strike a conversation. So what do you do? Find something both of you are interested in and strike up a conversation with it. A boy once told me if a girl sends him a DM about Game of Thrones, he is compelled to reply. Why? Because he loves the show. Finding out their interests is not hard at all. Just go through their page and you’ll see if they are a writer, singer, movie person, shows they love etc. It is the internet. Use it.

Don’t be rude or crass: You see, people that slide into other people’s DMs to tell them how they should live their lives, deserve a special seat in a heated burning place (I’m sorry, its the truth. Mind you business). So if your intention is to slide into someone’s business just to insult them, or tell them something derogatory like “you’re now fat o” or “a good girl like you should not be wearing that skirt”, then you don’t only deserve to be blocked, you should be reported to Instagram for inducing mental stress. You are a United Nations topic and you need to be re-educated (everything here is said with the utmost offence, in case someone is offended).

Follow-Up: Okay, you have slid into the DM, they have replied, you have started a conversation, now it is up to you to maintain the pace. Remember, you started it and they alone, places a responsibility on you to keep it up. So don’t feel entitled, expecting them to keep up the conversation. You approached them, they piqued your interest, now, do the work. Nothing good comes easy.

sliding into DMs

Reply ASAP: There are only a few things more annoying than someone who does not reply their messages fast enough. You incite a conversation with someone and your replies keep coming like 5 minutes after their replies, you are already begging to be blocked, if you don’t have a great excuse for that. Really, turn the tables around and imagine you are the one that someone strikes up a conversation with at work or something and every time you reply them, they ignore you for 5 minutes and then respond. Yeah, that’s how it feels.

Don’t be hasty: Yeah, I get it. You only sent that DM because he is hot and you want to meet him and may be do more than meet him, in fact. But please give it time. Allow the conversations to set the course of action for a meet-up or a date. Don’t just rush into someone’s DM and be asking for a date, before they have even gotten to decide if they like chatting with you online or not.

sliding into DMs

Take it from someone who’s had their DM slid into very often (said with no modesty at all), these tips will get you to a great start at DMing – whether they turn down your offer or not, at least you won’t get blocked and you will surely get a reply.

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