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We had to get another cab to our apartment. We had gotten a place just at the beginning of The Palms Jumeriah. The cab passed through the city, this gave us the opportunity to absorb the city itself. I must admit, Dubai is a beautiful city.

Beautiful Concrete

We get to our place about 20 minutes later and 122 Dirhams less than we had. That was really expensive, more than 12000 Naira. That’s half the money you will us to take a flight to Abuja. A few people told me about the cabs being expensive, but reality hadn’t set in yet.

We were finally happy to be at our place. The plan was to sleep for a few hours then head to the famous Global Village.

We get to the reception and we are told that we are supposed to wait till 2pm; it was 11am. I asked why and they said 2pm is check in time. I told them that we were supposed to have arrived the day before but because of timings and all, we were not able to. Which means the room ought to be ready by now. They apologised and told us to hang around for a while, that the apartment may even be ready before 2pm. We were advised to go to the mall just a few steps away.

I really wanted to protest but I was just too tired. So we made our way to the mall. As we did, we were caught by the beauty of the scenery.

Retirement aspirations

The mall may not look it from the outside, but it is massive; it stretches for more than a kilometer.

It has a lot of shops in it, you would be amazed how much. I wouldn’t be surprised if people stay in that area for months and not leave the vicinity.

Everything you need is there.

After walking for a while, we found a bench to rest. The park is big and beautiful; It stretches for almost 2km with gardens, streams and playgrounds.

My friend was more tired than I am, so she had a nap for about 30 mintues. After which we made our way back to the reception. The place was ready at last.

I really wasn’t pleased with what happened next. We first had to pay 70dirhams, 10dirhams per night for something I didn’t understand. I ended up paying 60dirhams instead because we were not going to spend 7 nights but 6 nights. Then we had to pay deposit of 1000dirhams. We would get it back after our stay.

This would cripple me for a while because I came to Dubai with 1500drihams. I would spend the next few days looking for someone to send me some money to my friend’s dollar account. I would eventually get 200 dollars.

We went into the beautiful apartment and almost all our worries went down the drain.

We decided to rest for the next few hours then head to global village

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