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Ken Nwadiogbu, renowned hyper-realist artist, who has been featured on a number of reputable publications including CNN, has created new election-inspired works. The striking works of art are under the “WHAT THE MEDIA WILL IGNORE” series.

Temphas spoke to Ken, and he explained to us, the rationale behind this current work.

According to Ken, the pieces are about expressing the past, the present, and the future of the political scene in Nigeria. He did the entire works in just 3 weeks. The postponement of the elections, apparently, gave him some more time to finish the final piece, before the elections.


For Ken, this first piece is simply showing that since we once did it – used our collective voice – there’s a possibility of doing it again.

He stated that, ‘On February 5th, 2018, a nationwide ‘peaceful’ protest was to be led by Innocent Idibia, against “obnoxious policies” implemented by President Muhammadu Buhari administration, but the government struck; silencing all effort to actualize this.

In March, 2018, Charles Oputa was to lead another ‘peaceful’ protest called “Our Mumu Don Do” and again, the government struck, assaulting him during the protest.

More and more individual and group protests have gone on, in our homes, on the streets, social media, cable television, as well as many others…. but apparently what we did not understand was that, DEMOCRACY DIED A LONG TIME AGO’.

‘You know… my father once told me… There was a time people lived peacefully in Nigeria. There was a time where corruption hadn’t creeped into the leaves of this Nation like a cankerworm. There was a time where goods and services were cheap and authentic. There was a time where 1naira was almost equivalent to a dollar. There was a time where Nigerians were proud to be Nigerians.

My father once told me…. THERE WAS A VOICE!


‘This piece is very self explanatory. Instead of speaking about it, I want it to trigger people to want to do better’

Ken Nwadiogbu posited that it was not enough to highlight the state of the country, neither was it enough to just condemn the misappropriation of the present government. ‘Years ago, it would have been appropriate to speak out because THERE WAS A VOICE. Now TOO MUCH TALK NO DEY FULL BASKET’.

He also stated that democracy was ‘dead’, and we needed to wake up to that fact, before we are conscious enough to awaken it. He advised that we make an effort to change the narrative.

A part of his rationale was also to inspire youths to be politically involved in your country, else ‘ghosts and corpses will keep ruling over us’.

We asked if the pieces were for sale, and he said they were.

All sales go through his management team in the UK, and they can be reached via mail on info@premierartsolutions.com or through their Instagram page @premierartuk.

We asked for what he was up to, post this, and he informed us of his solo show, to take place in the UK, sometime this September.

According to Ken, his next show will be the ‘best we’ve ever heard of’.

We can’t wait!!!

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