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Nikki Ogunnaike; formerly the Style Director of Elle.com, has become GQ magazine’s Deputy Fashion Director, joining GQ Fashion Director; Mobolaji Dawodu.

A graduate of Sociology and media studies, the Nigerian-American editor first planted her seed at Vanity Fair where she served as a fashion assistant. She had her first taste of being an Editor at InStyle; where she was the Assistant Editor before moving to Glamour.com as their Senior Fashion Editor.

She Joined Elle.com in 2015,stayed for 4 years before replacing Matt Sebra at GQ.

Quite a portfolio for someone who started when “there weren’t a lot of people who looked like me” ; she said speaking to BOF. At Elle, she represented the brand on Camera (television and online), created video content; including her Online show which boasted of more 1 million views on the first episode.

She started off in a time where prints were the order of the day; the move from print to online website was done out of a need to do what was in.

“I started out at InStyle on the print side as an editorial assistant, eventually becoming an associate editor, but around that time websites were beginning to take off, especially for magazines. I had a friend who started her own blog, through which she was getting so many amazing opportunities, and I wanted a piece of that but I didn’t want to go out on my own. I figured if I could get internet experience at a place like Glamour, in a big publishing house like Cond√© Nast or Hearst, then I’d eventually be able to gain those opportunities as well”

12 years down the line, the jounery was really more of Marathon not a sprint.

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