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My seatmate and very good friend did a favor for me a while back. I promised her that as payback, I will prepare anything she wanted me to prepare. She, being humble and all, said she wanted nothing in return. A few weeks later, she comes to me and tells me she now knows what I should make for her. I told her she had her chance and she blew it, but for the next few days, she was on my neck. so one saturday I had to give in; I asked her what she wanted and she told me, Lasagna. I regretted the day I asked her to tell me what she wanted. I had to be a man of my word – I had to prepare lasagna!

Now lasagna needs a lot of cheese – different types, but I could only find mozzarella and parmesan.

Lasagna has four main layers: beef sauce, cheese, béchamel sauce and lasagna noodles.

I started with the beef sauce. I fried some minced beef with parsley then added a blended mixture of tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger.

I made the cheese layer next. I added the mozzarella and parmesan cheese with parsley. To hold everything together, I added one large egg.

The béchamel sauce is a mixture of milk, butter and flour. I also added nutmeg and black pepper with some salt. The mixture is boiled until it thickens.

Lastly, I bought Lasagna noodles. I had initially planned to make the noodles myself. Its really a combination of flour and eggs. It can be made without the use of a pasta machine. Seeing as it was my first time, I decided to just get the noodles.

I finally assembled it all together. Beef sauce, noodles, béchamel, cheese, beef sauce, noodles, béchamel, cheese, beef sauce, noodles and a sprinkle of cheese and parsley. And Wa La, Lasagna.

I was happy when Afolabi shared the Lasagna with everyone in our unit and they loved it. Apparently, I need to make another batch.

My Saturday wasn’t really over. I was dared by my ride buddy Virginia to make marble cake. My aim was to make vanilla and chocolate marble cake that Saturday but I met another friend of mine, Mariam who told me of her love for strawberry cake. So, I made a strawberry and vanilla marble cake.

I also made lemon flavor icing. I didn’t want to make the cake grand, I just wanted something simple.

I shared everything with up to 10 people along with my coworkers.

Lastly, I got dates (fruits). There is this stuff I do where I make date syrup. I use the syrup instead of using sugar because it is healthier.

It is pretty easy to prepare. I soak the dates in warm water after I have removed the seeds. Then I blend the whole mixture and sieve it out. The sieved mixture is heated until it thickens. He resulting mixture is concentrated dates syrup.

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