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The debate on electric cars(EV) has been on for a very long time and we at Temphas have reasons why it can’t work here in 9ja. The idea sounds very nice having everything and very unreal but in reality it’s not a great as it’s delivered.


For a typical Nigerian especially Lagosian who enjoys the joy of just taking a cruise from Lekki to Epe, to get away from the hustle in Lagos, might find it hard using EV.

To drive an EV a you are expected to calculate the range at which it was charged and a full charge can’t take you from VI-Ajah

Slow Charging Times

It takes longer to charge an EV than it does to pump gas, but charging times are decreasing as charging technology is improving. In addition, if you charge at home overnight.

it’s as simple as plugging in before you sleep and unplugging in the morning. But never the less no Nigerian man is ready for that stress

High Price

As a Nigerian it’s one thing to buy an expensive car it’s another to buy an expensive car that comes with conditions of how far it can go and they are more expensive than gas powered vehicles. The affordable ones are about 10-14 Million Naira while the more expensive are at about 30 Million Naira. And electric cars batteries are also expensive

Lack of Charging Infrastructure

For a country like ours with Power issues, charging your EV will be quite a headache.

Considering the charges IKEDC has bringing lately making EV a turn-off, plug-in hybrid at home, you may not even notice the marginal increase to your electric bill. A pure-electric vehicle will cost you more.

And if as a Nigerian you thinking the norms, sorry to disappoint, EV no dey like Tokunbo.

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