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We were supposed to go for an evening Safari the day after Aquaventure but that didn’t happen. The agency, BookDubaiTrip was supposed to come pick us up between 3:15PM and 3:30PM. My friend sent them a mail at 3:30PM to ask if they were still coming. They replied the mail saying that they were 30mins away. We could call them if they didn’t show up then. We waited for another 45mins then sent another mail. We got another mail saying that they came, didn’t see us and left. My friend was mad. We went to the lobby to call them. Our argument was we had been communicating via mail, the least they would have done was to send us a mail. We gave them all the address info they would need. We thought they would go to the reception to ask for us but they didn’t do that.

At this point I just knew we were not going to go. The good thing is we would have paid online but I thought paying in person was better. Imagine what would have happened if we paid online, we would have had to squeeze our schedule for with a time determined BookDubaiTrip.

We spent the day just hanging out and enjoying the awesome scenery at The Palms Jumeriah. To console ourselves, we bought some good ingredients and prepared an awesome dinner.

We didn’t let the previous day put us down. We woke up the next morning gingered to begin the day. The plan was to go to Dubai mall, go to a Thai restaurant and end up at Le Perle by Dragone.

I had looked through our route before we left the house. We were going use public transport to go to Dubai Mall, then walk to Thai Time restaurant, get a cab to Le Perle and get a cab back home.

In Dubai Mall, apart from the sight seeing and maybe shopping, we were going to the Reel Cinemas restaurant. We got an awesome deal on Groupon; 138AED for Burgers, fries, wings and bottomless drinks for two.

We got a deal on groupon for 100AED for Thai time restaurant. We would be able to have any meal there for 100AED per head.

Lastly, Le Perle is an amazing show that shows the awesome feats we humans are capable of. We got the early bird ticket; you can 40% off if you book a month in advance.

We set off early that morning, with the plan to be at the Le Perle location by 6:00pm.

We got a train that took us out of The Palms and connected us to the Jumeriah Station. We were to get a bus from there, a train and another bus to the mall but we just decided to ask the train conductor at the station how to get to the Mall. He tells us to take a train to Dubai Marina, then link to the Red Line and take a train to Dubai Mall. That route seemed to make more sense, so we took it.

We did as we were told and soon found ourselves in the Red Line. The train stunk of concentrated ginger which made the running nose I was having worse.

I did notice something when I looked at the train route though. The train passes through Union Station, which is close to the famous Souk markets. It also passed through Terminal 1 and 3 airports.

The train dropped us at the station close to Dubai Mall. From there, we found our way to the Mall through this really long tunnel system. Luckily for us, the tunnel system has conveyor belts which made our trip easier.

Dubai Mall is massive, this has to be stated. We got lost a few times. The good thing is the mall has active screen dashboards to help you navigate your way around. We first headed to the Reel Cinemas restaurant after missing our way a couple of times.

The restaurant has really nice ambience and we were welcomed by amazing staff members.

We hadn’t eaten all day and it was past 12 noon. So when the food came, he went all out.

It goes without saying, the food was a lot. I was so full, I couldn’t walk. I wasn’t even sure how I was going to eat at the Thai restaurant.

We were going to burn some of the meal by walking around the mall. Then we will go to the aquarium in the mall.

We walked past this amazing Virtual Reality centre. They had placed spectacular art and VR together to produce a life adaptation of Dubai.

The adaptation shows cars, helicopters and probably the most exciting thing, it switches from day to night and back.

The aquarium is on the ground floor of the mall. I had seen somewhere on line that it was about 70AED. We get to the counter and they told us it was 179AED. That is just the standard ticket. I thought to myself, ’N18,000 just to see fish? No way’

The good thing is they show part of the aquarium to everyone. So I used that as my aquarium experience.

It was getting late by this time. So we made our way to the Thai restaurant.

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