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We went back through the mall back to the station. Then linked to the road and began walking to the restaurant through the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. The views where so amazing; High rise buildings were all around us.

This stuff is tall
Beautiful structures

Seeing that we had no data to check google maps, we lost our way and had to enter a cab because we were running out of time.

We tell the cab guy where we were going, he wasn’t sure of the place, but he begins to drive like he did. About a few minutes, he asks us to give him the address to check google maps. On checking it, he turns back to the place he picked us from and just takes the next right. He had even passed the restaurant before I had to tell him to stop. We ended up paying 11AED for the trip. I wasn’t happy.

It became worse when we got to the restaurant and we were told that we could only order meals worth 100AED, instead of 200AED in one sitting. If we want to order another 100AED worth of food, we had to come again.

Seeing that I was still full, I didn’t contest it. We ordered prawns soup with rice. My prawn soup was made with green chilli and my friend’s was with red chilli.

I also took some time to enjoy the ambience of this restaurant hidden in a corner of Dubai.

We didn’t stay long. It was around 6pm by this time and the show was to start around 7pm.

We get a cab and tell him Le Perle, he told us it isn’t Le Perle, it is pronounced Le Parl or something stupid like that. The sad part is we believed him, we will later find out we were right and he was wrong.

Before the cab moved this time, we told him to check for the location first. The place is just down the Sheikh Zayed Road at Al Habtoor City.

We got there a few minutes before the show began. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect from the show but I must admit, it was magical.

That is a pool in the middle

The show was a story centred around a lady who lost her pearl and the adventures she had to go through to get it back. There was of course a man who she falls in love with.

The show was filled with dances and wonders. Like the cage with five bikes cycling in it.

5 bikes!!!

and the dancing

And the water

It was an experience; one I will not forget anytime soon.

It ended around past 9; money well spent.

There was free wifi in the hotel, so we ordered an Uber. Le perle had one last thing up its sleeves. They gave everyone 40% off Uber rides to and from the event centre.

My friend didn’t want to believe until we ended up paying about 30AED to get back home.

What a day.

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